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Historical Context for Ground Zero Mosque Plan

A loyal follower of Muhammad, Omeir, crept into the house of a Medina poetess named Asma and pinned her to the couch with a sword while she lay sleeping with her baby in her arms. Omeir asked if this deed was a cause for concern, offensive to the prophet of Islam. Muhammad assured Omeir there was no cause for concern and added, “A couple of goats will hardly knock their heads together.”

What did the poetess, Asma do to deserve such wrath? She implored her fellow Medina citizens to expel Muhammad because he was recruiting the hooligans of Medina, and who under his direction, robbed, terrorized, and murdered the locals unless they converted to  Islam. 

Asma felt that the presence of Muhammad in Medina was a threat. Her poem, offensive to Muhammad, follows:

“Gutless men of Malik and Nabit,
And of Nawf,
Gutless men of Khazraj,
You obey a stranger who has no place among you,
Who is not of Murad nor of Madhhij,
Do you when your own chiefs have been murdered
Put your hope in him
Like men greedy for meal soup when it is cooking?
Is there no man of honor among you
Who will take advantage of an unguarded moment
And cut off the gull’s hopes?

Another poet named Kab went to Mecca to recruit help for the people of Medina. When he returned to Medina, Muhammad gave the order to have his tongue cut out. In all, four poets were killed in Medina, and Islam began to spread out to the rest of the world in such a manner. . So much for free speech!

Contrast Asma’s poem to some of Muhammad’s own poetic verses  emblazoned in the Koran to this day:

When you meet the unbelievers in battle strike off their heads. (47.4)

The unbelievers among the People of the Book, Christian and Jews, and the pagans shall burn forever in the fire of Hell. They are the vilest of creatures. (98.6 )

God has cursed the Jews, transforming them into apes and swine and those who serve the devil. (5.60)

Those who make war against Allah and his Apostle shall be put to death or have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides. (5.33)

Kill those who join other gods with God (the Trinity) wherever you may find them. (9:5)

I will instill terror into the hearts of the Infidels , strike off the heads then, and strike off from them every fingertip. (8:12)

Allah has purchased of their faithful lives and worldly goods and in return has promised them the Garden. They will fight for his cause, kill and be killed. (9:111)

“Then when the sacred months are over, kill the idolaters wherever you find them, take them captive, besiege them, and lie in wait for them at every point of observation.” (9:5)

Such are the imperialistic poetic verses that Muhammad claimed were inspired by  a god who he insisted was named Allah, the same name as the ancient Moon God of Arabia.

Jihad spread across the Middle East and North Africa before any of its inhabitants understood what Islam was. After  building  a mosque on sacred ground in Jerusalem, the jihad advanced on to  Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Sicily, Austria, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Rumania, Wallachia, Albania, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Greece, Armenia, Georgia, Poland, Ukraine, Constantinople, and to Persia and India in the east. 

Jihad arrived in Spain in 711 AD, where it remained for over 700 years.  Spain was easy prey, with no knowledge of Islam, and the Jews there believing that the Muslims would save them from the Christians. Additionally, the Spanish youth were no longer practiced  in war. In Spain, Muslim sects fought against each other for power, as they still do today in the Middle East.

In the early days of the Spanish conquest,  the Abbasids, vague descendents of Muhammad’s uncle, Abbas, murdered what was presumed to be the last of the Umayyads, the former rulers of Islam in Syria, Iraq, and Arabia when 90 remaining Umayyads managed to escape the fate of having their bodies dumped in the outskirts of Basra to be eaten by wolves and wild dogs.  Abbas coaxed 89 of the 90 Umayyads back by claiming that the attack had been an unfortunate error, a misinterpretation of his orders, by inviting them to a banquet to show his “true” intentions. Believing  Abbas was sincere, 89 of them accepted the invitation. Once settled around a big table, Abbas’ soldiers surrounded the 89 at Abbas’ command and flogged them to death. The faithful soldiers of Abbas then wrapped the dead Umayyad bodies in the carpet on which they had perished, and proceeded to dine on the food on top of the carcasses.

The remaining Umayyad, Abd al-Rahman made it to Cordova, Spain where the Abbasids ruled. He executed their leaders and sent their decapitated heads– with identification notes attached to their ears, back to the caliph in Baghdad. As Paul Fregosi writes in Jihad in the West: Muslim Conquests from the 7th to the 21st Centuries, “From then on, al-Andalus (Muslim Spain) was safe from the Abbasids.”

Abd-al Rahman’s successor, Hisham I (788-796) sent his armies to Syria, Arabia, Algeria, and France. In France, they set fire to the city of Narbonne and were halted by the Christians in a battle at Carcassonne. After they returned to Cordova, Hisham I built a mosque to the glory of Allah with the plunder his armies returned with.

Al-Hakim II (796-822), the son of Hisham I, gave the sincere Christians a break. He invited all the new converts from Christianity to Islam, many of who were among the sophisticated and intellectuals, to a reception in a large new building. Anxious to greet the Emir, they lined up to go in one at a time.

A bystander who was a physician waited outside for his friend to come out. “Strange that no one has come out yet, “ he thought. Suddenly he realized that the smell of blood in the air was not that of roasting hind quarters for the feast, but the blood of  5,000 headless Toledans, who had converted to Islam.

On a church alter in Salerno, Italy , a Muslim chief sacrificed the virginity of a nun every night. One night, before his sacrifice was complete, a wooden beam fell from the roof and landed on his head.

In 846 AD, the Pope made peace with the Muslims after they  looted the churches of St. Peter and St. Paul by promising a tribute of 25,000 silver coins per year.

Almanzar, a Saracen,  succeeded Al-Hisham II. He was not particularly religious but he carried a Koran with him. Almanzar took advantage of differing political camps in Leon, France to help both sides destroy themselves. Knowing the French were in turmoil, and a master of public relations, Almanzar marched on Catalonia in Spain with a troupe of artists and poets, and then on to Barcelona which he plundered and burned. On his return to Cordova,  he rolled up his sleeves to personally help build a new mosque before going back to devastate Leon.

In the Balkans, Muslims had Christian allies in the Eastern orthodox Serbs over their disagreements with the Hungarian Catholics. Timurlane, a Mongol Muslim destroyed 700 towns and villages in Georgia after the Georgian prince refused a summons. In the town of Sivas, Timurlane’s men covered the mass graves of 4,000 live Christian Armenians with planking so they could breathe a while longer.

The Sunni Sultan, Selim the Grim, a very religious man, had a census made of the 70,000 Shiites in his realm. Knowing where they were, he had 40,000 of them beheaded and the rest imprisoned. In Cairo, Selim the Grim had 50,000 citizens put to death including 153 treasury officials—for incompetence.

Eventually the Christians were able to remove the Muslims from Spain in 1492, often with the help of the French. The heads of a  French contingent defeated by the Muslims  in the late 11th century were stacked into a high pile, a makeshift minaret, for a muezzin to give the call to prayer.

 The Spanish Christians, believing that Islam was no longer a threat after their defeat in Granada in 1492, did not know that a stockpile of shipments of arms from the Near East and North Africa, were hidden in the mountains.

Documents in Granada revealed  a plot  to revolt contingent on 8,000 Turk arrivals. A Captain General Spaniard named Inigo Lopez de Mendoza warned Madrid of the possible revolt, but his warnings were ignored. Then, on Christmas Day, 1568, while the Christians Spaniards were celebrating mass, 200 homegrown Spanish Muslims dressed up in Turkish turbans ransacked the countryside, gaining ranks from more homegrowns along the way. Priests were burned, tortured and murdered. Christian girls were raped and sent off to harems in Morocco and Algeria, where a healthy population of Christian slaves had served for centuries past, and well into the 1800’s, until they were liberated by the French, Americans, and eventually the British.

In America, Muslims claim a mosque on Ground Zero, “will improve their relationship with Americans.” An improved relationship with the people of Islam is conditional on the premise that Islam be allowed to rule independently and authoritatively. A lesson in taqquiya (deception allowed to advance Islam) –Incremental submission to Islam is required for an incremental improvement in relationship.  Historically, a mosque and call to prayer from its minarets on conquered territory is a symbol of victory and conquest


Fregosi, Paul; Jihad in the West: Muslim Conquests from the 7th to the 21st Centuries, Prometheus Books, Amherst, NY, 1998

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