Time for a Memorial to the British Victims of Islamic Slaving

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It is reasonable to assume that over the 250 years in question that the number of men, women and children either seized from coastal shipping or coastal villages in the West Country must be numbered in the tens of thousands.

During the period 1530 to 1789 it is estimated that 1.25 million European men, women and children were kidnapped by Islamic pirates from around the coasts of Britain and continental Europe to be sold into slavery in North Africa — yet there is no memorial in Britain recording for posterity the suffering of so many of our forebears.

According to early 17th century observers there were around 35,000 European Christian slaves in the Barbary Coast towns of Tripoli, Tunis and Algiers at any one time.

In the first half of the 17th century, Barbary corsairs from North Africa, authorised by their governments to attack the shipping of Christian countries — ranged all around Britain’s coasts, but the West Country in particular.

During this fifty-year period Admiralty records show that the slavers plundered British shipping pretty much at will, capturing almost 500 vessels between 1609 and 1616, including 27 from around Plymouth alone in 1625.

A list, printed in London in 1682, listed 160 British ships captured by “Algerians” between 1677 and 1680 yielding the Islamic slavers between 7,000 to 9,000 men, women and children for sale in the North African slave markets.

In June 1636 “Turkish” slavers off the Cornish village of St. Keverne seized seven Cornish fishing boats; the fifty-strong crew of men and boys who manned these vessels were never seen again.

Shortly before the St. Keverne incident 5 empty fishing boats from the Cornish port of Looe were discovered; graphic details are recorded of boats seen drifting unmanned and without sails, of weeping women, of constant fear of the raiding and the possible destruction of the port.

A few years later, in 1640, the records contain numerous references to Barbary pirates on the Cornish coast, including the taking of three ships “in the open view of Penzance” and a further three ships the same night at Mousehole, near Land’s End.

About the same time a raid on the town of Penzance by Barbary slavers resulted in a “catch” of some sixty men, women and children.

In 1640 Barbary pirates seeking ransom in respect of some of their English captives allowed a petition to be sent to King Charles I, it details their plight:

Here are about 5,000 of your subjects, in miserable captivity, undergoing most unsufferable labours, as rowing in galleys, drawing in carp, grinding in mills; with divers such unchristian like works, most lamentable to express and most burdensome to undergo, withal suffering much hunger and many blows on their bare bodies, by which cruelty many not being able to undergo it, have been forced to turn Mohamedans, so that these burdensome labours will cause many good seamen and others your subjects to perish unless some course be by you taken for our release, which we of ourselves cannot procure by reason of our great losses, and the extraordinary ransoms imposed on us.

To this petition dated 3rd October 1640, was appended a list of a further 957 prisoners taken since May 18th, 1639.

It is reasonable to assume that over the 250 years in question that the number of men, women and children either seized from coastal shipping or coastal villages in the West Country must be numbered in the tens of thousands.

Yet not only are there no memorials to the “Disappeared”, the subject isn’t even included in the history curriculum of West Country schools.

The British National Party says it’s high time these “oversights” were rectified and the suffering of our ancestors given the recognition it deserves?


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