The Bush Dhimmi Doctrine–“Walking the Plank to a Dhimmi Nation–Capter 7

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The Bush Dhimmi Doctrine

 Many Americans proclaim that President Bush successfully protected America from terrorism after September 11, 2001. Even though terrorists did not attack U.S. soil again after 9/11, Bush’s policy allowed terrorists to infiltrate and harm America with a strategy that is leading to our self-destruction. Bush’s, “war on terror” was based on a premise that defers terrorism to “a few” extremists, not the Islamic doctrine itself. The premise was, and still is, that Islam is somehow reformable after being given a bad reputation.

The Bush dhimmi doctrine endorsed Islam as “peaceful” even though Bush acknowledged that slaughtering and intimidation of non-Muslims had become a global pandemic. This includes good Muslims fighting bad Muslims as in Iraq and Afghanistan. But to protect the lives of American citizens and keep oil flowing into the U.S., Bush dutifully spoke of a peaceful Islam.[1]

A 2007 article titled “Bush Administration Moves to Legitimize the Muslim Brotherhood,” by William Mayer and Beila Rabinowitz, reported that the Bush Administration’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research hosted a meeting to discuss opening more formal channels to the Islamic “brothers.”[2]

President Bush named Iran, Iraq and North Korea the “Axis of evil” because of the part they played in helping terrorism and ability to obtain weapons of mass destruction. It is interesting that he did not include Saudi Arabia as a part of the Axis of evil even though 9/11 terrorists were Saudis funded by Saudis, and Osama Bin Laden is a Saudi terrorist who is from a prominent Saudi family.

It is telling that Saudi Arabians (supposedly our friends) are mostly Wahabbi-Sunnis, and Iranians (supposedly not our friends) are mostly Shiite. The two countries, close to the same size, compete for power in the Persian Gulf. America has taken sides with the Saudis because they have more oil which we buy from them, and as a result they have acquired enormous strategic investments in the world and in American market and financial system. In other words, they pull the strings and we react. In a visit to Saudi Arabia in May 2008, Bush discussed a civilian nuclear deal with Saudi King Abdullah, reportedly part of an effort to protect the kingdom’s vast oil reserves, pipeline distribution system, and borders, allowing the Saudi’s to join a global initiative to combat nuclear terrorism, enhance the protection of nuclear systems, and improve detection and confiscation of illegally held nuclear material.[3]

Bill Warner, who runs the online newsletter, “Bulletin of Cultural Annihilation,” wrote about the Bush Islamic Doctrine, defining “dhimmis” as non-Muslims who apologize for Islam, such as the media, willing professors, financiers, preachers, priests, politicians, pundits and rabbis, George Bush, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barrack Obama.

Dhimmitude effectively disallows the truth of Islamic history, denies the way Islam is presented in the Koran, and denies a Koran based manifesto of Islamic aggression. Attributing Islam to the terror and horrible murders would certainly incite more hate from terrorist murderers and their proponents. In highly promoted interfaith dialogues, religious leaders meet and claim they worship the same god. However, the Christian and Jewish leaders have not actually read the Koran. Without reading it, one cannot claim to know anything about the Koran. Furthermore, merely reading the Koran does not prove that its revelations are from the God of Judaism and Christianity.

Responding to a barbaric Islamic act, a dhimmi will predictably reply that Christians have done bad things, too….and there is violence in the Bible too. A dhimmi will defend a doctrine they know virtually nothing about, saying such as “jihadists are fundamentalist radicals but most Muslims are just like everybody else” and, “I know a Muslim who is nice.” A dhimmi believes that just because he thinks a Muslim is nice to him, then Islam is good. Afraid to challenge a Muslim for fear of being called Islamophobic or unfair, a dhimmi would rather not hear  historic evidence that is uncomfortable. A dhimmi does not initially realize that he is being set up to accept and apppologize for Islam. Believing Islam is peaceful enables stealth jihad through deception, intimidation, policy, and other methods.

The media does not admit the extent that pure Islam is involved in terror attacks. For example, the 2009 incident in Mumbai, India was motivated by Islam but Muslims were never mentioned.

Real “terror” distracts us from seeing the other terror-less, stealth, or “peaceful” forces of jihad. Bill Warner lists sword, pen, tongue and money as the four forms of jihad. The State Department relies on indoctrination through the so-called peaceful methods for the gradual Islamization of America.[4]

President George W. Bush made it clear when he entered office that he opposed efforts to secure our nation’s borders. His guest worker amnesty programs encouraged the greatest influx of illegal aliens in the history of our nation. While the majority of people who migrate to the United States may simply want a better life and hope to become loyal Americans, there are many others who are motivated with a desire to harm our nation.

Today terrorists can easily penetrate our borders, embed in mainstream society, build compounds, and access weapons of mass destruction that can cause hundreds of thousands of American deaths. The 9/11 Commission staff report on terrorist travel stated it had identified numerous entry and embedding tactics associated with earlier attacks in the United States. The report revealed that prior to September 11, 2001, abuse of the immigration system and a lack of interior immigration enforcement unwittingly worked together to support terrorist activity. The 2000 census estimated 8 million illegal aliens in the United States. Today that number is estimated to be over 13 million, with around 7 million of them in the workforce.[5]

That total includes individuals who entered the United States without proper documentation and those who entered legally but overstayed or violated their visas or terms of entry. The threat of Muslim fundamentalist attacks is not the only price to pay for unsecured borders. Illegal immigration affects education, the economy, health care, the environment, criminal justice and national security. Not withstanding that reports indicate that illegal aliens in the U.S. have a crime rate two and a half times that of legal aliens[6] and account for around 30% of the inmate population in federal correctional institutions.[7]

Americans are losing jobs at an unprecedented rate while illegal immigration reportedly costs taxpayers billions of dollars each year. Because many immigrants are poor, increasing numbers add to the burden of disadvantaged groups. An estimated cost of illegal immigration is approximately $340 billion dollars a year.[8] As an alternative, The National Policy Institute estimates the cost of mass deportation for all of the illegal immigrants would be between $206 and $230 billion.[9]

In 2005, four to five million illegal aliens entered the U.S. at our Southern Borders. The number reportedly includes as many as 19,500 illegal aliens from terrorist countries. Millions of pounds of drugs, cocaine, meth, heroin and marijuana also crossed into the U. S from the Southern border.[10] 

Due to lack of staff personnel and detention facilities, Islamists and potential terrorists can enter the U.S. legally because applications are not always checked for fraud or potential terror connections. Potential terrorists can also obtain student visas to enter the country and stay indefinitely, knowing the Federal Government will likely never search for them if they overstay their visas. By September 11, 2001, visa’s of three of the 9/11 hijackers had lapsed, thus they were in the country illegally, even though all nineteen had entered legally.

The Bush dhimmi doctrine did not prevent the operation of thirty-five potential terrorist training camps in the U.S. The compounds are believed to be run by Sheik Mubarak Ali Gilani, who is known for allegedly setting up journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002. Daniel Pearl was abducted on the way to meet with Gilani, and eventually beheaded.

 Reported in an interview between Sean Hannity of Fox News and Martin Mawyer of Christianaction.Org, Sheik Gilani is reportedly a direct descendant of Mohammed, and his followers believe Gilani speaks for Allah. The interview between Mawyer and Hannity revealed that though the group claims to be peaceful, they appear to have a sinister agenda. A videotape uncovered by the Christian Action Network was titled “The Soldiers of Allah.” It features Sheikh Gilani teaching American followers guerilla warfare tactics such as scaling mountains, subduing enemies, murdering guards, hijacking cars, kidnapping, weapons training, and setting off explosives. Sheik Gilani is reportedly quoted as saying:

 “We are fighting to destroy the enemy. We are dealing with evil at its roots and its roots are America.” 

Explaining how to kill American Infidels, Gilani reportedly said: 

“Act like you are his friend. Then kill him.” 

Sheik Gilani’s thirty-five communities extend from New York, to South Carolina, to Seattle, Washington, and Texas. The compounds are owned by a Pakistani based group, Jumaatul-Fuqra, otherwise known as Muslims of America in the U.S. When Mr. Mawyer’s organization investigated, they learned that the group is allowed to continue primarily because they are protected by state constitutions and the U.S. Constitution. Mawyer said that “law enforcement hands are tied in trying to shut these groups down,” even though local field officers believe the group has weapons of mass destruction.[11]

Hezbollah members are known to be raising money in the U.S., and have long been believed to be bringing suite case dirty booms into the U.S. to await further instructions. Across the border, Hezbollah in Mexico is believed to train Mexican drug cartels in gorilla terror tactics. Reportedly, the Mexican drug cartels have adopted the terrorist tactics of kidnappings and beheadings.

Islamic terrorists sell cocaine from Afghanistan to the Mexican drug cartels, and pass profits on to Hezbollah and other Islamic terrorist groups. An anonymous Mexican Army officer said that Hezbollah is believed to be teaching the Mexican drug cartel the art of bomb making. An anonymous U.S. law enforcement official confirmed that forensic evidence ties Hezbollah bomb experts to roadside explosions in Iraq. In Mexico, police stations and government buildings are at risk of the terrorist training designed to combat the Mexican Army, Mexican Police, American Special Forces and DEA agents. News reports have confirmed that effects of the terrorist training are beginning to be seen throughout Mexico and the bordering U.S. states.

Homeland Security has said that Hezbollah members already operating in the U.S. probably have contact with other Hezbollah members in Mexico and around the world.

Mexican deaths linked to organized crime grew historically in 2008. The first one thousand deaths occurred by around April 14; the next one thousand by July 2; reaching 3000 by September 10, and 4000 by October 28. At the end of 2008, 6000 deaths were linked to organized crime.

Texas officials reported that dozens of individuals wounded in the Mexican state of Chihuahua are treated in an El Paso hospital. From Texas to California, drug-related dangers and violence is so high that Mexico is off-limits to U.S. Military personnel. Americans who normally cross the border to travel, shop and conduct business, no longer feel safe in Mexico. [12]

ABC News reported in early February 2009 that Phoenix, Arizona had become the kidnapping capital of America. Phoenix reportedly has more incidents than any other city outside of Mexico City. The Phoenix Police Chief, Andy Anderson said that the transgressions are a result of Mexico’s drug cartels expanding into the U.S. The report revealed that over 370 kidnappings occurred in Phoenix in 2008, with many of them connected to Mexico’s drug cartels as criminal activities have spilled over the U.S.-Mexico border. The report revealed that ransoms not paid promptly result in “horrific cases of chopped-off hands, legs and heads.” [13]

Human trafficking has also become widespread as a result of lax immigration enforcement. The Department of State estimates are that between 18,000 and 20,000 victims are trafficked into the United States each year. Since 2001, more than 20 percent of the human trafficking victims have been found in Texas. [14]

The Bush administration did not hire enough special agents for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or enough Border Patrol agents for years. In a March 2005, a hearing titled “Interior Immigration Enforcement Resources,” before the Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, testimony by the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Robert S. Mueller, addressed the urgent border issue: 

“In 2004, we learned that operatives had conducted detailed surveillance of financial targets in New York, Washington, D.C., and New Jersey . . . a sobering reminder of the threat we continue to face…There is the threat from covert operatives who may be inside the U.S. who have the intention to facilitate or conduct an attack. I remain very concerned about what we are not seeing. Efforts by extremists to obtain training inside the U.S. is also an ongoing concern.”

Lack of agency funding severely undermines the national objective to not have to fight the war on terror inside America. Testimony at the 2005 hearing stressed that illegal immigrants are often released into the U.S. because sufficient funds to detain and hold them were not allocated in a timely manner, even though Congress had authorized the funds. Without sufficient detention facilities, non-Mexican detainees released on their own recognizance were ordered to appear at deportation hearings weeks later. The number of released illegal immigrants who did not return was in the hundreds per week.

Employer sanctions were abandoned because of inadequate numbers of detention beds and a lack of ICE Agents during the Bush administration. According to information from the Congressional Research Service, in 2004 alone the U.S. Border Patrol released 35,000 detainees described as “other than Mexican” due to a shortage of beds.[15]

The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 authorized 800 new ICE investigators for 2006 through 2010, however, President Bush’s initial budget only requested funding for 143 new ICE investigators for 2006. Lack of funding also led to cancellation of ICE academy training in the latter part of 2005, affecting training for approximately 900 immigration and enforcement employees.

In 2004, Congress provided funding to hire 2,000 new Border Patrol agents with an additional 2,000 new Border Patrol agents for each of the next 4 years, to bring the total to 10,000. Leading to what would become a crisis, Bush and his administration significantly reduced the number of new Border Patrol agents from 2000-2004 to 210.

In 2006, President Bush announced he would hire 6,000 additional Border Patrol agents before he left office. To meet those numbers, agents were hastily hired with reduced training. Though the agency was on its way to meeting the president’s goal before he was ready to leave office in 2008, The National Border Patrol Council criticized a hasty last minute hiring process, with resulting reduced educational requirements, shortened training periods and inadequate screening. The agency’s union president, T.J. Bonner said:

 “They want the best and the brightest, but they’re going about it in the wrong way…They’re rolling the dice with our homeland security.”[16] 

When the U.S. Homeland Security Department’s Office of the Inspector General conducted 79 investigations into corruption among federal agents along the border in 2007, they found cases had risen from 31 in 2003 to some 200 cases by July 2008.[17]

A justifiable concern is that the hasty hiring process provided for criminals and terrorists to obtain sensitive positions. If the Bush administration had immediately and effectively used all the funds allocated by Congress, the eligibility of new Border Patrol agents might not have become an issue.[18]

Another very serious threat to American’s security is bringing in displaced Muslims from war-torn countries under the guise of “humanitarianism.” For nearly a decade, Bill Clinton and George Bush have systematically imported Muslims, by tens of thousands per year for each group. The Bush administration flew 1,000 Iraqi refugees into America every 30 days in 2008 alone. It is estimated that another 17,000 Iraqis arrived in 2009. These immigrants are comprised of Sunni and Shiite Muslims adversaries that have battled and killed each other for hundreds of years.[19] The 1990 census counted only 2,070 immigrant Somalis in the U.S.[20] Since then, hundreds thousands of Muslim Somali immigrants have also arrived in the United States. The U.S. provides for their immigration, supposedly proving compassion for the disadvantaged Muslims. What is contradictory is that we then bend our policy to accommodate their way of life—which is what they left or fled in the first place. Because accommodation encourages propagation of Islam to the extent of affecting American freedoms and traditions, an agenda beyond compassion is clear.

Seventeen Chinese Muslims terrorists known as Uighurs captured in Afghanistan living at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay since 2002 have admitted to receiving weapon training from the Taliban. Being held pending efforts at resettlement, the Uighurs were cleared for release in 2004, but the Bush administration could not find another country that was willing to accept them. The Chinese call them terrorists and some fear that if they return to China, they will be tortured. Other countries fear reprisal from China if they accept them.

In October 2008, U.S. District Judge Ricardo Urbina, a Bill Clinton appointee, ordered their immediate release into Washington D.C. stating he did not “understand why that would not be a viable option.” Prior to the decision, Justices voted 5-4 to allow Islamic terrorists held in Guantanamo the right to challenge their detention by filing habeas corpus petitions in American federal courts.

Prior to Urbina’s ruling, a Chinese Foreign Ministry representative said that the Uighurs are thought to be members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement. The group is recognized as a terrorist organization by the U.S. government. And the Bush administration said the Chinese terrorists are a national security threat. The Bush administration, along with millions of Americans, stood against Urbina’s decision. The district court’s ruling could be used as precedent for other Guantanamo Bay detainees including those suspected of planning the 9/11 attacks. This means that if Obama closes Guantanamo, many more Islamic terrorists could end up in the U.S. In fact, now that Obama is president, he wants to move detainees to Michigan, where they could be eligible for a jury of their peers, and where a high percentage of Muslims have settled.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia noted that our nation is at war with radical Islamists, therefore the ruling would make the war more difficult on Americans, and could lead to more American deaths. [21]

So far the release efforts have been unsuccessful because the court lacks authority to direct the government to bring them to the U.S., however the Uighurs no longer have restricted conditions.

A September 2005 report titled “Immigration and Terrorism: Moving Beyond the 9/11 Staff report on Terrorist Travel,reviewed the immigration histories of 94 terrorists who operated in the United States from the early 1990s through 2004. The report findings show widespread terrorist violations of immigration laws, and describe how terrorists in the country use weaknesses in the system to remain in America.

Fraud is often used to gain entry into the U.S., and to remain in the country. In some instances, terrorists claimed they lack proper travel documents and applied for asylum at their port of entry. Some terrorists acquire various forms of fake identification, including driver’s licenses, birth certificates, Social Security cards, and immigration arrival records. Once in the United States, they can become legal permanent residents, and often marry Americans in sham marriages. Through various means, terrorists can easily become naturalized U.S. citizens.

Terrorists in America understand they can easily embed themselves in U.S. communities and carry out operations related to terrorism and espionage. In addition to physically attacking our nation, terrorists in the U.S. can gather intelligence, establish “safe houses” and generate funds to enable their terrorist organizations to conduct operations around the world. They are able to acquire jobs that provide them with access to critical infrastructure such as federal agencies, airports, seaports, border crossings, nuclear power plants, and military bases. They obtain positions for contractors that work with the federal government and the United States military. They work in our meat and food processing plants. They can also work at water processing plants, enabling access to America’s food and water supply.

The fourteenth Annual Arab International Festival, 2009 drew some 250,000 attendees. Sponsored by the Ford Motor Company, the American Arab Chamber of Commerce, the FBI, the CIA and various branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, the event was a recruiting ground for all branches of the U.S. Military.  Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force recruiters promised American citizenship to every Middle-Eastern immigrant who enlisted– under the condition that they were Muslim.  “The United States Army” in Arabic script adorned G.I. issued uniforms. The FBI set up a booth to recruit Muslim agents, and the CIA conducted raffles to entice young Islamists.

Muslims were not prohibited from distributing and selling Islamic books and materials at the festival but Christians who dared to attend the festival were prohibited by law from distributing religious materials pursuant to an order prior to the event from U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmonds. Dearborn police kept watch for Christians who might violate the ruling even though Christians have never disrupted the event in the past.

Some of the army recruits were sent to Ft. Hood in Texas where Major Nidal Hasan was stationed.[22]

Major Nidal Hasan, an Army Major serving as a Psychiatrist was one of around 40 Muslims stationed on Ft. Hood, and 15,000 Muslims in the military fired on 43 fellow soldiers, killing 13 as he cried “Allahu Akbar.” Major Hasan, who claimed to be “a Muslim first and an American second,” had previously said that “Muslims should stand up and fight the aggressor,” and “Muslims had a right to attack” yet apologists for Islam dhimmis were quick to claim his murderous action was were not really Islamic.[23]

Hassan completed residency at Walter Reed Army Hospital where his ideology was well known.[24] He had worshipped at the same mosque in 2001 as two of the 9/11 hijackers and once gave a lecture to doctors at Walter Reed saying that non-Muslims should be beheaded and have boiling oil poured down their throats. Colleagues questioned his loyalty but were hesitant to complain because of political correctness.[25]

In May 2007, six men were arrested for plotting to attack Fort Dix with assault weapons. Albanian Muslim immigrants from the Balkans were convicted in December of conspiring to target Fort Dix in the crime inspired by al-Qaida, proving that jihadists do plot inside America. [26] They said their ideology and hatred for America was the motivation for their plot to kill U.S. soldiers. [27]  The men were brothers who had lived illegally in the U.S. after they crossed the border through Mexico in 1984.[28]
An American black convert to Islam shot 24 year-old soldier Pvt. William Long, and wounded 18 year-old Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula. Investigators believed the shooting specifically targeted military personnel, and motivated by political and religious views.[29]

The story of a young woman from Lebanon provides an excellent example of a terrorist infiltrating the FBI and the CIA. Nada Nadim Prouty entered the U.S. on a student visa, which expired in 1988. She overstayed her visa and obtained resident alien status through a fraudulent marriage, which enabled her to successfully gain U.S. citizenship. After becoming a naturalized citizen, she used her fluency in foreign languages to get a job as an FBI special agent. Her FBI position led to a position for the CIA before it was discovered that she had used her security clearance to access database information on Hezbollah. Prouty provided classified information to Hezbollah through her brother-in-law, Talal Chahin.

An investigation revealed that Chahin, who allegedly laundered over $20 million to Hezbollah through his Michigan restaurant chain, had arranged Pouty’s fraudulent marriage. Investigations revealed that Prouty had disclosed the sensitive information to Chahin on three investigations in which he was involved.

Prouty’s family in Lebanon is noted for its involvement with the Syrian National Socialist Party, which has the objective of forming a greater Arab state that will include Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Cypress and part of Turkey. Intelligence sources revealed that Prouty’s cousin, Nidal Al-Aouar, was a terrorist who set roadside car bombs in Lebanon on behalf of Syria after training North Korea and the old USSR. [30]

Roy Bailey, a Detroit field office director for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, enabled Prouty’s fraudulent activities. Charged in September 2008 with defrauding the federal government, conspiracy to commit bribery, and failing to report a felony, Bailey enabled a wide range of fraudulent activities that included immigration fraud, preferential treatment, and benefits in exchange for gifts and cash from a range of restaurant owners, attorneys, and business owners that included Talal Chahin.[31]

The immigration problem directly affects the rights and lives of individual Americans. Roger Barnett, an Arizona rancher, caught 12,000 illegal immigrants crossing his ranch from  1998-2004. When he caught immigrants crossing his property he turned them over to the border Patrol. A March 2004 incident involving sixteen illegal immigrants led to a civil suit when Mexicans trespassers filed charges against Barnett claiming that their civil rights had been violated. The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDE) represented the group of illegal Mexican immigrants charging that they had endured emotional distress as Mr. Barnett held them at gunpoint and threatened to turn his dog on them. The suit also charged the Sherriff of Cochise County for not stopping Mr. Barnett as he allegedly yelled obscenities at the immigrants and kicked a woman during the incident. Mr. Barnett said that over the years, illegal immigrants had left behind a trail of garbage including used toilet paper, soiled diapers and plastic bottles. He said that they had destroyed his property, broken into his house, torn up water pumps, stolen trucks, and left garbage that led to the death of some of Barnett’s cattle. [32]

Mr. Barnett was a crime victim who was treated as a criminal in efforts to protect his property. The immigrants filed suit against Mr. Barnett for $32,000,000.  Barnett’s attorney argued that illegal immigrants do not have the same rights as citizen, but U.S. District Judge John Roll refused to drop the charges.

In February 2008, a civil jury found that Roger Barnett did not violate the civil rights of the trespassers, rejecting their claims of battery and false imprisonment. Mr. Barnett was however ordered to pay $77,804 in damages, of which $60,000 were punitive. Five of the plaintiffs were living in the U.S. with visa applications at the time of the verdict.[33]

Lack of immigration scrutiny and enforcement also affects legal immigrants in tragic circumstances. Legal immigrants who sincerely wish to leave their former countries behind to live in a free, Democratic society, may still be victims of barbaric religious practices when our laws fail to protect them. Examples include Middle Eastern women and children who want to be free of oppressive Islamic laws.

A heartbreaking incident took place in Irving, Texas in early 2008. Amina and Sarah Said were teenage girls who attended American schools and had American friends even though their father resented American laws and culture. When their father, Yaser Said, found out the girls had boyfriends, he shot and killed them in the back of a taxi before he fled the country.[34]

In another deplorable case, Aasiya Hassan, a beautiful Middle Eastern woman was stabbed and decapitated in Orchard Park, New York on February 12, 2009 after she had filed for a divorce and obtained an order of protection from her husband, Muzzammil Hassan. Mr. Hassan was an influential member of the local Muslim community who founded the English speaking Islamic Bridges TV in 2004, reportedly in an effort “to help portray Muslims in a more positive light.”[35] 

After arriving in the U.S. at the age of fourteen from Pakistan, Mr. Hassan reportedly graduated magna cum laude in 1996 with an MBA from the University of Rochester in 1996, and went on to become a successful banker in Buffalo, New York. [36]

Hassan had expressed concerns that Hollywood does not portray moderate Muslims accurately. He said “Bridges TV gives American Muslims a voice and will depict them in everyday, real life situations.”[37]

The Bush dhimmi doctrine kept us safe from terrorism because Bush was a good dhimmi. He managed the appearance of having zero tolerance for terrorism, but he did not or could not distinguish between terrorism and jihad, specifically jihad through non-violence. By encouraging Americans to believe that the events of 9/11 were caused by only a few random terrorists, he shifted the real source of terror, the ideology of Islam as it is written in the Koran, to a few crazed lunatics and fringe groups. Believing that Islam is really peaceful is an effective strategy that allows Islam to advance stealthily so American citizens will not notice and therefore not oppose a gradual takeover. It is easier to enforce Islam through dhimmitude even if it is met with some skepticism and reluctance, rather than have to resort to terror. In other words, it is easier if you just hand a thief your pocketbook, however reluctant, rather than fighting and possibly losing your life. You only hand him your pocketbook because you know that if you do not, he will try to kill you.

Also, as long as we allow foreign Muslims to immigrate to America and appease them by accommodating their religious “needs,” and continue to buy oil from the Middle East, we will potentially be a dhimmi nation. We must reclaim our sovereignty by immediately closing the borders, drilling in America, and charging the Middle Easterners for drilling and processing their oil for them.

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