Obama Admits He is a Muslim

October 30, 2009 at 6:27 am 3 comments

Much ado about Islam yet he calls America arrogant!


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  • 1. maplesyrup21  |  October 30, 2009 at 6:38 am

    so what? Is being muslim a crime?

    • 2. mary christina love  |  November 1, 2009 at 5:10 am

      Your immature comment is typical for an ill-informed, supremist indoctrinated zombie no-bot. Islam would not stand a chance of survival if it could not rely on taqiyya, empty minds, and terror.

  • 3. General Zod  |  December 4, 2009 at 9:49 am

    I am very disturbed lately with the amount of supposed ‘fairytale’ Biblical Prophecy and how it is lining up with reality. The time has come to realize that we cannot escape the judgement that is coming our way, however we may be able to shift tactics and better prepare ourselves if this reality was allowed to sink in. Every Prophet worth a grain of salt running the gamut from Ezekiel, Mohammed, Jesus, John, Nostradamus and many others all for some reason have this decade and the next as the most dangerous and most life altering for us and for good reason.

    One could write an essay that could fill several books on how the demons of Capitalism have come home to roost. We dont NEED to trade with China, but we do because they still provide cheap enough goods for us. Yet our Politicians complain about their Human Rights standards and how they treat their 750 milllion strong work force. We cant have our cake and eat it to in this case. If we truly wanted to condemn China for how they treat people- we cannot be seen to profit from that suffering. Which is really what the legacy of the United States is about. What did they think that China and India are going to want to make our Sneakers and T-shirts forever?

    Iran I believe is the Rider on the Red Horse in the Book of Revelation- that is the Rider granted the authority to steal Peace from the Earth. Barack Obama’s attempts to pacify an already ultra violent movement do nothing to halt it, but infact bolden it. I have already said several times in many heated debates with friends that the world will ‘miss’ George W. Bush for several reasons – and one of them is that Nations like Iran were afraid of the US while he was in power. Obama’s about-face and departure has shown extreme weakeness in the Administrations apporach – and lets face it – ancient Muslim nations like Persia and Babylon answer to strength not words.

    Islam will be the death of the middle east and possibly large portions of this world for ONE reason and ONE reason only. The Koran offers NO ASSURANCE of Salvation – that is no sure fire gurantee of entrance into Heaven – except for if you die in a Jihad or Holy combat. These pathetic excuses for Holy Wars that pass today with great cowardly warriors like the Taliban who use Child shields should tell you that there is already something extremely disturbing about the Islamic doctrine. Assuring you are going to get laid by 77 Black Eyed Virgins as it says in the Koran enticing many young men into blowing themselves up for God.

    Would you worship a God who encouraged you to kill innocent Children and Women? We all knew this would be coming Islam vs Christianity and Judaism. This fight wont stop until Israel has been ‘wiped off the face of the earth’ as Ahmadinejad has clearly stated. This Holocaust Denying Convention lunatic has some how come to power of one of the most dangerous Military networks in the world.

    Barack Obama I have said repeatedly is not all he seems to be. Its ironic that the Biblical description of the Anti Christ is someone who comes to the world in a time of great dire need ( Economic Collapse anyone?9/11? 2 Major Wars), he is said to have great Charisma and the power to lead and motivate the entire world. Well he is in effect motivating our enemies to War by removing strategic deterrents like our Missle Defense Shield in Russia, and playing pacifist with mean and hyper expanding China.

    The role of the Antichrist was not to pick one side, but to pit all sides against each other – so that the final great War can begin. I truly believe that we are living in the final ages of mankind. Islamic nations are buying up Weapons gallore from every enemy we have – North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, China, and Russia. Yes, each and every one of those Countries is our enemy. The sooner we realize that we are feeding them money and giving them the power to destroy us- the sooner we may be able to delay the doomsday clock.

    Am I afraid of a US vs Iran Military confrontration? In terms of pure fight, Iran would be extremely stupid to believe that they would have any chance against the American Military. Just because you spent your life trying to copy what someone can do ( China made their living this way) doesnt mean you can do it. What I am afraid of is Irans use of Terrorism and Energy hoarding to get its point across.

    We simply cannot allow Iran to have Nuclear technology, we are running out of time. Because we are running out of time- you can bet dimes to dollars that we will be at War with them very soon. A War with Iran would open the door to much bigger conflict that we all know is coming. To deny this is foly.

    The United States is potrayed as vulnerable right now, but there is a reason why more then half of their Army is already deployed to the Middle East.


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