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Walking the Plank to a Dhimmi Nation–Introduction

Introduction to  “Walking the Plank to a Dhimmi Nation”  by Mary Christina Love


Victories in Islam are like a Russian doll, with each victory leading to a larger victory, and Islam is exerting increasing influence on Western cultures through immigration, oil economics, cultural exchange, education, political correctness, political contributions, and the threat of terror.

“Walking the Plank: To a Dhimmi Nation” reveals how America has been systematically submitting to Islam for decades as American businessmen and politicians endorse Islamic causes in exchange for oil, money, and power.

Submission to Islam as an attitude of concession, surrender and appeasement towards Islamic demands under coercion and constant fear of reprisal. As a pacifist reaction to aggression, submission to Islam is an attitude of servitude resulting from cowardice, vulnerability, bribery and extortion. It is the state of “dhimmitude,” where a dhimmi is a non-Muslim entity that accepts the conditions of Islamic law and remains safe by peacefully surrendering to Islamic terms.

The book suggests that the world trade center bombings of 1993 and 2001 were designed to further enable Islamic expansion in the United States by destroying evidence of who the world’s real imperialists are, and by giving Muslims permission to feel aggrieved and demand special protection status.

In what may be the largest organized crime ever in history, the author contends that global warming and the recent financial crisis and bailout are part of a profitable scheme, or financial jihad, to transfer trillions of dollars into Islamist Saudi coffers and drive America into generations of dhimmitude.

Most Americans agree that Bush kept us safe from another terrorist attack after September 11, 2001. But just because we are not witnessing violence and death on American soil, we cannot assume that we are safe from jihad. The reality is that violent attacks are not necessary for jihad if other methods achieve the same results.

Those who do not understand jihad and Islamic doctrine tend to attribute the reasons for Islamic grievance to poverty, desperation, and misunderstanding. They often believe that being nice will solve our differences, that cooperation, aid, and commerce will alleviate tense situations, and that everyone just wants harmony and happiness. We believe that if the unsatisfied only had a good income, or an education, or if they do not perceive discrimination, they will be content. This is wishful, delusional thinking. As demonstrated in Saudi Arabia, widespread prosperity does not stop terrorism. It actually enables the spread of Islam via stealth and manipulation that is backed by the threat of terror. The lack of gratitude  from Islamic recipients of aid and cooperation is because Islamists view all concessions as victories for Islam and their due from non-Muslims. What Americans do not understand about Islam is that its victories are like a Russian doll, always followed by a larger one.

After eight years of compromising liberties for security, an agenda to Islamicize America is well underway. Religion, politics, finances, education, oil, culture, and terrorism are inseparable in jihad. September 11, 2001 may be the only large scale act of terror necessary to advance and achieve a takeover.  American are still in denial of something we cannot comprehend and do not wish to know about. The explosion of the World Trade Center on 9/11 caused much more than rubble, the horrible death of 3,000 people, and insurance payouts at the end of corporate money trails. Files and files of evidence went up in a poof of smoke that day. Evidence in those files could have proven a web of extensive financial and political associations through ownership titles, transactions, statements, etc. revealing who the world’s real imperialists are. At the expense of American citizen’s lives and security, half a century of transactions involving Middle Eastern petrodollars vanished.

My insight to Islam began with my marriage to a Moslem who came to America on a student visa pre-9/11. In the late 1970’s to mid 1980’s, I read the Koran at his suggestion and subsequently learned that by persuasion, intimidation, terror, stealth or force, Islam intends to make the whole world submissive to its oppressive ideology. My former husband was not shy about expressing his thoughts on what he believed were American deficiencies and cultural inadequacies. He enlightened me to the fact that Muslim people and Muslim leaders carefully scrutinize our society, our politics, and our presidents, just like the Iranian President Ahmadenijad openly and smugly does today. Our studious and disingenuously friendly Muslim acquaintances appeared on the surface to be quite moderate, however they were serious Muslims who told me that democracy, capitalism and American politics was corrupt to the core, and against the law of God. They spoke of Americans as superficial and greedy. They often said that Islam will rule the world someday because it is the fastest growing religion and a complete way of life. They believed Islam superior over all other religions because it is inclusive of politics, social behavior, economics, and worship.

While scrutinizing and insulting Americans, Muslim students flocked to the United States to attend our universities. I doubted that Islam was so complete if Muslims felt it necessary to leave their countries, which they always presented as nearly a paradise, for a formal education in a non-Muslim country. I wondered why they came here since they regularly belittled our way of life, our holidays, our politics, our financial system, our values, our hygiene, and our manners. In my early twenties, I began to fall prey to this “white guilt” indoctrination. I realized later that those friendships were conditional and hinged solely on my willingness to learn about, practice, and approve of Islam.

During those years, President Jimmy Carter was trying to show Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini what a nice guy he was. It was humiliating to watch CNN and see the Iranian students seize the embassy in Teheran in November 1979, holding the staff hostage until January 1981. Like most of America, this was my introduction to “radical” Islam. It happened early in a marriage that I was determined would work. I would have done anything to help my now X-husband integrate happily into America. I believed the stories of how horrible the Shah was. I began to practice “moderate” Islam and read the Koran.

Though reading the Koran is not required in Islam, by the time I finished reading it, I knew I was not a Muslim, and I knew it would cause a problem for me and my children if I ever stopped practicing it. Hoping it would not mean the end of my marriage, I knew I would eventually have to find the courage to tell my husband, who was becoming more radical every day, that I could not practice Islam any longer. The more I learned and practiced the religion, the more was required of me, including disassociations with friends, family, culture, and values to the extent that I felt like a traitor to myself, my family and my country.

Jimmy Carter continued his weak stance too, persuading the Tehran regime that it could get away with anything. Far from showing Khomeini that the United States disapproved of his comments and activities, the U.S. government pathetic and helpless approach convinced Khomeini and all Muslims that the Islamic revolution was big, strong, and right.

Americans, including myself, should have learned from the hostage situation in Teheran that submissiveness to anti-American radicals does not work. Appeasement did not convince Tehran that America was its friend, only that it was so weak as to make aggression all the more justifiable. Realizing that Ronald Reagan would be tougher, the revolutionary students released the American embassy hostages when Iran was suffering from an Iraqi invasion that Iranians called “The American Imposed War.” They hated Reagan for that war.

I knew that no matter how softly I explained my decision to quit practicing Islam, it would probably mean the end of my marriage. As action and time would later prove, I was correct. The experience was and still is a microcosm of what goes on in politics. The divorce was definitely cruel and unusual by the standards of Western culture. To borrow benign and politically correct words from who was then a future President Bush, it was “not pretty.”

Years later when the twin towers came down, I was not surprised. I remembered warning words from my former husband that “Muslims (not terrorists) will attack America someday if American politicians do not stop promoting democracy throughout the world.”

Americans cannot conceive the difference between the goals of Islam and the goals of a free society. Westerners take freedom and truth for granted, so they cannot imagine a society that does not honor those virtues. The differences between freedom and totalitarianism are indescribable when one has not experienced the alternate. American naïveté makes us dangerously exploitable and predictable. We do not have the agenda or the experience to fully understand true oppression. I found out that Islamic motives are so offensive that describing them is an offensive act in itself–to the extent that it is actually labeled politically incorrect and hate speech. The Islamization of the West warning creates a “kill the messenger” situation.

“Political correctness” supports a political agenda; a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Political correctness does not describe truth, honesty or morality. Rather, it disguises and enables an oppressive agenda against freedom and truth and holds citizens hostage in their own countries. Political correctness toggles a victim into an aggressor and turns free thinkers into silenced, meek and conquered slaves. Virtue, self-respect, truth, reason, creativity, freedom, and dignity are useless in a politically correct atmosphere because they are the very virtues that will expose an oppressive agenda.

Though many free thinkers have been trying to send a warning about Islamofascism, there are still too many in blissful denial. As a result, we have been kowtowing to Islamist demands ever since 9/11.

So how long does it take to get the message that this is an ideological revolution with huge ambitions, an agenda that will use oppression, intimidation, terror, deception, bribery, extortion, and our own love of freedom–just to remove freedom from the American mindscape. This is the duality that aims to force America to submit to a totalitarian ideology behind a veil of religion.

In the name of fairness the 9/11 tragedy was exploited by Muslims to demand special treatment at the expense of valid American concerns. After 9/11, religious and racial profiling gave way to preferential treatment for Muslims over Non-Muslims as they hijacked the opportunity to cry victim.

Between 2001 and 2008, mosque numbers in America increased from around 100 to 2,300, with most of them funded by Saudi sources. On the 2008 anniversary of 9/11, NYPD provided extra security for Islamic mosques.

In 2006, the Department of Homeland Security gave out small amounts of grant money to synagogues and Jewish schools after they received threats from Muslims. A number of mosques, whose anti-semantic and anti-capitalist agenda generates fearful and defensive reactions, then began to help themselves to some of the available grant money.

Even though we have not been physically or violently attacked on American soil since September 11, 2001, we are easily falling for a variety of jihad tactics. The tactics may change but the seditious goal of Islamic jihad is always the same. Muslims in the U.S. are literally using-up American tax dollars and sense of fairness to promote policies that will use-up our Democracy in favor of Islam.

Muslims regularly demand special privileges in the workplace and in schools, labeling those who object as “racists” and “Islamophobes.” Tolerance and fairness has been mis-applied for an ultimate agenda of intolerance for generous, innocent, naive Americans, not the formerly defined terrorists. We have literally tied ourselves helplessly in knots in an effort to be politically correct and to tolerate an ideological supremist agenda that does not ever intend to integrate into our freedom loving, free-thinking American society.

A statement on a Muslim Brotherhood memo entered into evidence in the 2007 Texas based Holy Land Foundation case:

 “The Ikhwan (the ‘brothers’) must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”


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