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Multi-Culturalism Run Amuk


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How the Arabs Conquered Persia

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This is Jihad–27 Pharmaceutical Companies in the Saudi Kingdom

munch-screamCap and Trade, Cash for Clinkers, Nationalized Health Care, Stimulus Plan, Financial Bailout, Government Motors, raising taxes, global warming, closing Guantanamo Bay, appeasing Muslims, “returning America’s wealth to its rightful owners,” etc., sounds like socialism, or Marxism but it is even worse than that. These programs and goals are all bricks in the wall of the Islamization of America. Even our debt to “China” is part of the plan. We ask, “Where do we get the money?” From the Chi-Coms, they say. But we need to know who owns those businesses in China. Didn’t a lot of American companies set up shop in China? And didn’t the Saudis buy strategic portions of America’s marketplace and keep the American names and  extort & bribe our leaders into keeping their investments secret? The answer is yes they did. Do you think China makes more money on “stuff” than the Arab world is making from oil? Ask yourself who the Chinese are buying oil from. 

We are so indebted to the Saudis for oil that it is unspeakable. Global warming, my foot! Think of this: if we pass the Health Care program the Saudis might be the ones to decide what meds you get.  I understand that there are 27 pharmaceutical manaufacturing companies in the Saudi Kingdom with names such as Saudi Pharmaceutical Insdustries, Medical Appliances Corporation (SPIMACO), TABUK, Al Jazeera, Dal Al Dawa and Riyadh Pharma. SPIMACO has over 170 brands under license from names such as Eli Lilly, Schering-Plough and GlaxoSmithKine.

That’s what I figured out all by myself.  Then, 2+2=

Obama wants to close Guantanamo and send those prisoners to ..uummm…somewhere in the U.S., I dunno,…maaaybeeee  near Dearborn, Mmmichigan? Where they can get a ffair trial with a jjjuuurry. Yes, Muslim populated Dearbornistan for a trial with a jury of peers! And 3+1=

Now this IS terror. You can call it peaceful terror if you like, but it is still terror. I for one  am terrified. And partly terrified because Americans do not see it happening. They are falling for kumbaya and white guilt even if they do not like Obama’s plans. There–that should make the Islamists happy.  So, 1+3=

Who does Obama think the rightful owners of America are anyway? Are we just going to let this go unanswered like we let the the word “change” go undefined during the BO campaign? What if Obama  thinks the rightful owners of this world are Muslims? Don’t be fooled into thinking that communism endorses no religion. That was in your Grandmother’s day, Baby Boomer. Today, Communism endorses Islam. Let me say that another way: Hitler raised a Muslim army in Christian Bosnia, and Bosnia is Muslim today courtesy the American taxpayer and Bill Clinton.  Add 1+1+1+1!

It is so insidious that even Muslims are pretending to be afraid of a  New World Order—blaming it on the world’s richest Jews and whites.  Innocent muslims do not understand real Islam! Islam is imperialism.  Not Great Brittain, China, America or the Jews. 

This is a Love message…Wake up Zombies.

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