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America is in a highly compromising position of servitude after decades of concessions with the Saudis to obtain oil and preserve invested business interests. Submissiveness to Saudi/Islamic rules has placed America in a state of dhimmitude, which is essentially enforced compliance of Islamic Law on non-Muslims. It extends into the arenas of energy, security, policy, education, finance, and religion.

Saudi-Islamic interests became synonymous with “American national interest.” when Saudi King Faisel warned the president of ARAMCO in the 1970s that American oil companies must prove their loyalty to his Islamic kingdom or suffer higher oil prices, and perhaps lose all their investments in the region. With bribery an incentive and extortion a consequence of non-compliance, officials engaged in public relations efforts to improve the Arab image in America. The effort involved intense lobbying, public relations events, and massive media propaganda to influence Congress and to change America’s opinion regarding Israeli concerns, and Israel’s right to exist.[1]

 In lieu of paying the Saudis foreign aid, an agreement in 1972 allowed oil-producing countries to receive 25% of each American oil company’s profits, allowing for gradual transfer of ownership that would reach 51% by 1983. The American oil companies did not realize that loopholes in the agreement would eventually allow the Saudis to demand more money per barrel of oil in the future.[2]

 The oil weapon became a reality when the U.S. resupplied Israel militarily during the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. The resulting embargo led to oil price hikes and a ban on oil shipments to some countries and a hike in price. Interestingly, the price of oil had risen only one dollar in the twenty years from 1953-1973, but on October 16, 1973 the OPEC cartel increased the price to $5.12 per barrel.[3] Some Arab countries were earning $12.7 million dollars per hour in 1974.[4]

 Petrodollar recycling allowed for oil revenues to be recycled back into the U.S. market in stocks, bonds, financial securities, and bank deposits. Initially investing most of its funds in U.S. government securities, Middle East oil exporters held $39.9 billion in U.S. Government securities by the end of 1983, with Saudi Arabia the largest shareholder. Saudi Arabia became a major investor in American corporations and by 1978, Saudi Arabia was the largest shareholder of FANNIE MAE.[5] Bank of America, Chase Manhattan, Chemical Bank, Citibank, Morgan Guaranty were banks that benefited from the growing Arab oil revenue surplus[6]

 To induce the Saudis to invest in the U.S., the American government agreed to confidentiality regarding Arab investments. The Kuwait portfolio, managed by Citibank included large shares of Mc Donald’s, Ralston Purina, Atlantic Richfield, Johnson & Johnson, General Motors, General Mills, Dow Chemical, Eastman Kodak, J.C. Penny, and Proctor & Gamble. [7]

 In 2008, Citigroup’s largest shareholder was Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, with the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and Kuwait Investment Authority more recent investors.[8] During the 2008 financial crisis, Citigroup purchased Wachovia for $2.1 billion, and absorbed up to $42 billion of losses from Wachovia’s $312 billion loan portfolio. The sale allowed for keeping the name ‘Wachovia,’ and gave Citigroup over 4,300 U.S. branches with $600 billion in deposits, placing Citigroup among the U.S. banking industry’s “Big Three,” alongside Bank of America Corp. and JPMorgan Chase & Co.

 Unknown to the average American, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) acquired General Electric’s Plastics division for $11.6 billion in cash on May 21, 2007.[9] A financial company with a manufacturing arm, GE is one of the largest lenders in countries other than the United States, and stands to receive Stimulus money.[10]

 The U.S. Treasury Department is aware that, Shari’ah financial products fund terrorism, yet on November 6, 2008. the U.S. Treasury Department and the Islamic Finance Project of the Harvard Law School, hosted a forum entitled “Islamic Finance 101” Just two days after the 2008 Presidential Election, and in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, the forum was an effort to train government employees on Shari’ah-compliant finance (SCF). Its purpose was to introduce and educate the Treasury Department staff, U.S. banking regulatory agencies, Congress, Department of Treasury, and other parts of the Executive Branch on Shari’ah finance. According to a press release, the forum was reportedly “designed to help inform the policy community about Islamic financial services, which are an increasingly important part of the global financial industry.”

 Saudis also use petrodollars to influence American education from elementary schools to universities. Sarah Stern, who heads the Washington, D.C. based Endowment for Middle East Truth think-tank (EMET) said the Saudis are making use of a clause called “Title VI” to indoctrinate teachers from K-12th grade with anti-American, anti-Israeli standards. Title VI and the loopholes in Bill Clinton’s 1995 Educational Guidelines allow academia to bring in off-campus activists, and pay them lecture fees to propagandize teachers and the general public at taxpayer expense.[11]

 Over the last 30 years, the Saudi royal family has contributed over $70 billion to promote Arab studies that center around Islam and spread anti-American and anti-Israeli propaganda. Some of the Universities that receive endowments include Berkeley, Harvard, Columbia University, USC, Duke University, and even Texas A&M, to name only a few. Politicians welcomed programs and students from the Middle East when Arab leaders began lavishing generous donations to American educational institutions. In return, they demanded special privileges and the right to influence policy favorable to Islam. [12]

 Infiltration of the U.S. military chaplain corps and military ranks allowed Wahhabi-connected clergy to gain access to federal and state prison penal systems when the National Islamic Prison Foundation (NIPF) was founded in 1993 under Bill Clinton. Saudi-trained Islamic clerics began to minister to incarcerated Muslims and convert inmates to Islam. Practitioners of Saudi Arabia’s extreme, fundamentalist form of Islam were certified and trained as prison chaplains by either the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) or the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences. The NIPF receives thousands of books and pamphlets from Arabic nations to distribute to inmates and the Saudi government provides Korans to U.S. jails.

Al Qaeda training manuals found by U.S. troops in Afghanistan revealed that America’s black prisoners are a prime recruitment target for radical Islam. The NIPF clerics claim an average of 135,000 prison conversions each year, and most of them are African Americans, who upon their release could become Jihad soldiers. [13]

 Americans need to wake up from the dream that we are safe from terror. Allowing Islamic teaching in prisons is, in the very least, not beneficial for the American society, as prison reform should be. Rather, it further intensifies racism and hatred, and makes the converts even more radically anti-American and dangerous. Preaching Islam in the military is equally contradictory, as Muslim loyalty is clearly not with the American government nor concerned with the safety of American citizens.

 With a downsizing American military dispersed to Iraq and Afghanistan, it is reasonable to conclude that these hostile to whites Islamic converts will join forces with the known terrorist groups already in the U.S. such as Sheik Gilani’s thirty-five camps of The Soldiers of Allah, [14] to one day be used against non-Muslim Americans in the increasingly likely act of terror or martial law. It is most disturbing to imagine and horrific to acknowledge that this may be the exact scenario if we neglect to produce our own oil and confront the multifaceted Islamist invasion that is occurring in our midst and at our expense.

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Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice Provides a Stealth Step Toward Islamization

The abortion issue is emotional for some and a moral issue for others. Regardless of your view, it is an extremely critical issue. My analysis of a pro-life vs. pro-choice depicts a scenario that illustrates how the issue can ensnare Westerners to unwittingly advance an Islamic government. I believe all Westerners are dangerously unaware of the opportunity for Islamic advancement via the pro-life vs. pro-choice dispute. Please follow me through the article as I present information and examples that may seem irrelevant, but are necessary to understand how and why the pro-life, pro-choice debate provides an excellent opportunity for advancement of the Islamization of America.

Islam has declared war on the West. President Obama’s insistence that America is not in a war with Islam puts us in enormous peril. Knowingly or unknowingly; willingly, or not willingly, our President is part of the Islamic plan to conquer the West, and he will be used to the full extent that his naïveté, ignorance, guilt, or arrogance allows. The same goes for you, my fellow Conservative, Liberal, Christian and Jewish Westerners.

 Obama’s birth father was descended from Muslims who had adopted the culture of Islamic Arab invaders in Africa. As a result, regardless of what Obama says or thinks, Muslims will consider him a Muslim. In the Muslim world, one is automatically a Muslim if the father was a Muslim. It does not matter if the father was not a practicing Muslim. If a father was Muslim, the child is one too. If one leaves Islam, it is with the knowledge that apostates are subject to the penalty of death in an Islamic dominated country. Neither does it matter if Obama is a good Muslim, or a bad Muslim. He is useful, and that makes him a “good” enough Muslim. He can even claim to be a Christian and he will still be considered a good Muslim–because he is advancing an Islamic agenda. How is that for hypocrisy? Well, here is some more…

Muslims are against abortion (for themselves). No Muslim woman would ever be allowed to have an abortion. However, this is Jihad, and it is the Western babies that are being aborted. In the perverse duality of Islam, abortion is a tool that diminishes the Western population. Abortion availability also serves as a tool to separate the “guilty” from the “not-guilty” and further in the future,  to provide a way to degrade the integrity of those who are “guilty” of having had an abortion.

 In our pro-choice society, Muslims simply choose not to have abortions. Abstinence and fidelity (for women) is mandated under the penalty of death in Islam, and the assumption that Shari’ah Law will soon prevail throughout the world.

 Muslims often tell non-Muslims that Muhammad stopped the pagan Arabs from burying unwanted baby girls in the sand. It has been disputed that this really happened, but the story advances the Islamic agenda by making Muhammad look like the only humanitarian in a world of wicked evildoers. The story serves to contradict Westerners who tell the truth about Muhammed’s murdurous ways. It also makes some Westerners feel guilty about our values, thus helping to promote the supposed virtues of Islam.

 If the story is true about Muhammed “saving” the baby girls from the wicked, pre-Islamic pagan Arabs, the surviving Arab baby girls would have had to live under Islamic rule, marry into polygomous relationships and have more babies as livestock slaves for Allah’s army. The story does not reveal what Muslim armies did to non-Muslim babies in historical slaughters throughout Byzantium and India. Too horrible to describe here, it invalidates the humanitarian approach.

 For the past two decades Muslims have been running for political office and actively endorsing candidates of both the Democrat and the Republican parties. Because Obama is a Democrat, is no reason to believe that all Muslims are Democrats. The truth is that Muslims are for Islam, and they will endorse anyone who promotes issues that will further the world wide Islamic caliphate. So, Muslims claim to be both Conservative and Republican in America nowadays. Abduraham Alamoudi gave millions of dollars to Bill Clinton for giving him influence in promoting Islam in American public schools and in appointing Imams within the penal system.

 Muslims seek ways to hijack the Republican party as well. After 911, Muslims endorsed Bush II in his second term to the extent that he was willing to ease up on the Patriot Act. An example of actively penetrating the Republican party is by simply calling themselves Republican, thereby making use or the party as a hermit crab would use an empty shell.

 An example of the Islamic infiltration into the Republican party is the president of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Islamic Educational Center in Arlington, Texas, Jammal Quadurra. Quadurra is a Muslim who actively disparages Americans who speak out about the dangers of Islamofascism, and expose the motives and methods of the Muslim Brotherhood. Quadurra has spoken harshly about Brigitte Gabriel, founder of ACT! For America, and Dorrie O’Brien, the Grand Prairie, Texas ACT! For America Chapter Leader. Quadurra wrote that “ACT! For America and other hate-mongering organizations are funded by their own victims: poor and ill-informed fellow citizens. Individuals such as Gabriel prey on their fears and manipulate their minds to sell books, make a buck and laugh all the way to the bank.”

 Quadurra visciously attacked Robert Bodisch, deputy director of the Texas Governor’s Office of Homeland Security, and the North Central Texas Fusion System– a data sharing system focused on the prevention of accidental and intentional disasters in North Texas. Quadurra’s objection was centered around justifiable concern of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into the United States, and that Hezbollah and Hamas are training the Mexican drug cartel at the Texas border. Jammal Quadurra is a Republican Party precinct chair in Arlington, Texas, who calls himself a Texan.

 To painstakingly describe an example of how the Islamist proponents manipulate words and information, and then cry foul when information is placed in its correct context, I will use a quote from Quadurra in an article where he attempted to discredit Brigitte Gabriel, Robert Bodisch, and the North Central Texas Fusion System. Quadurra wrote in a Texas publication called Star-Telegram:

 “Nothing personal, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the money. I urge everyone to check the facts about your safety from the government agencies that are in charge of your safety.”

 Quadurra wants us to believe that Brigitte Gabriel, Robert Bodisch, and the North Central Texas Fusion System are manipulating the naive American citizenry for money. However, putting the quote in another context means that Islamists are bribing and extorting our leaders into endorsing Islam.

It also raises the question of how much money Quadurra receives from Arab and Islamic sources for holding his position as the president of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Islamic Educational Center in Arlington, Texas.

It is very important to remember that a Muslim’s guiding principle is that– both short and long term  means justify the ends–that everything is relative to achieving Islamic goals. In reality, Muslims are contemptuous of our Democratic two party “man-made government.” Their true loyalties lie with Islamic parties such as Hamas, Fatah,  or Hezbollah, and they ultimitely endorse a one-world “Islamic Nation,” also called a “Caliphate.” It is entirely possible that Bush’s open immigration policy was fully endorsed by Muslims in order to get more Muslims into the country. Persuading a candidate to promote the Islamic agenda is entirely possible with sufficient financial contributions, or shall we say, “bribery.” 

Getting a President to effect policy that promotes an Islamic agenda may be easier that convincing the American public of the same policy. One way is to infiltrate the Republican and Democratic parties, and promote issues that appeal to either or both parties. For example, Muslims believe they will teach us morality, family values, which are issues that appeals to Conservatives. Within the Democrat party, Muslims will tend to endorse multi-culturalism and diversity because it divides and weakens traditional American values; humanitarianism–insinuating we are a cruel society; immigration and more government spending because it takes away from the taxpayer and bleeds our economy.  

The above examples describe how in the future, it will be easy for a Muslim to win an election as a candidate of either party while admitting he/she is a Muslim. With Christianity, Judaism, and “aging white politicians” demonized, a Muslim candidate could run on a platform of multiculturalism, humanitarianism, lowering taxes, and family values. If they make it known that they are personally against abortion, they will have a winning ticket with no further commitment or elaboration required. Liberal voters would vote for them regardless because they do not perceive them as traditional coservatives, and Conservatives would hasten to vote for the pro-life issue. 

If a muslim candidate were a man, he could easily win an election in our diverse, multi-cultural, “tolerant” society. If the candidate were a woman it would be even better. A female candidate could get the votes of non-Muslim liberals as well as the votes of women. Christian and Jewish pro-lifers of both sexes would jump from the frying pan into the fire to vote for a person they believe has the same values as themselves regarding abortion, while simultaneously believing they are keeping religion separate from politics.

 Of course, in an Islamic dominated country, women do not usually hold public office, (that is unless it advances Islam). But in our current phase of progressive Islamization in America, a Muslim woman could get the camel’s body in the tent (the nose is already in). A woman would also be used as an example to deny all our accused “misconceptions” about women’s rights in Islam. A few terms later, or after the camel has succeeded in getting all the way into the tent (so to speak) , a man would inevitably take over, to the triumph of fundamental Islam. Such is the value of women in Islam!

 Jews and Christians should remember that humans are made in God’s image, God gave us free will, and he is forgiving. These concepts are all tenents that Islam denies. The cornerstone of Western society, these concepts are what Islam seeks to eradicate. Therefore, we cannot fall for the imposed “White-guilt” syndrome, which is as much a farce as the derogatory term “Islamophobe.” Both terms represent imposed methods of intimidation, and should be exposed as such.

 All free people should remember that removal of free will and a lack of forgiveness are analogous to being a slave for Allah. Forgetting so provides Islamists a golden opportunity to stealthily use deceptive dualism to advance Islam. 

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