Swine-Flu a Man-Made Hoax?

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A couple days ago I received a very long email that gave lots of evidence that this flu could be man-made. I will post it below in the post called “Swine-Flu Bio-Teror?” I thought the explanation was entirely plausible. With that in mind, realize that the swine flu (now called H1N1) is reported to have first infected a village in Mexico. No one in that town died. It is possible that those individuals did not even have the “swine flu”. For one thing… it is utterly impossible that humans would not have developed a resistance to this strain if it is natural. Whether you eat pork or not, pigs have been around for centuries. Noah must have put them on the ark! That means that God told him to! (I wonder what Muhammed would think of that)

It is very likely that humans have naturally developed immunity to influenzas that are common in domesticated animals. Also, in one article, World Net Daily (WND) wrote that this strain is only passed through to three people. In another article, WND noted that it may be a way to persecute Christians.

The Mexican villagers and little boy who first contracted the formerly called “swine-flu” are very likely (in my opinion) being used. They are simple, innocent people who are undoubtedly flattered by the attention. Unfortunately they would never know if or how they could be used. Their village is so far south (even from Texas), that Americans would not know otherwise either. I saw a television report at the onset of the pandemic (NBC I believe)that showed the formerly infected child happily running to the reporter. The American reporter also interviewed a man who lived to tell in Spanish that his joints had ached when he had the dreaded “swine-flu.” Then they showed a woman, but did not give the scene enough frame-time for her to say a complete sentence–she was speaking in Spanish as well. The American reporter said (for her) that (the woman said) that the village pig manuer holding lagoons were filthy (there was not even enough footage to hear the woman say it in Spanish..it that is what the reporter said.

Remember the stimulus money that is going to fund a study on pig odor in Idaho? Pig manure holding lagoons are going to be part of the study because they keep the nasty decomposing pig manure chemicals from getting into the air. They must be large enough for the stock and must be maintained properly of course. It has been reported that molecules of fatty acids from pig manure can attach to dry dust around pig farms, and that people who breathe that dust can get allergies and depression. I read a formerly written article on it in February..when the stimulus study was in the news….The article said nothing about developing illness or flu symptoms…just allergies and depression.

I am a certified aromatherapist and I know that foul smells can cause depression. When I was in the Middle East, I noticed that the stench of the outhouse style bathrooms in houses to be offensive, and I was terribly depressed in the Middle East. I also do not like the smell of body odor–it depresses me and can even make me angry…

We also know that some illnesses are airborne, but this swine flu is not airborne…It is passed by contact…and only throgh three people.

I suspect that the Idaho odor study was probably proposed by Muslims, not Jews–they simply avoid pork and don’t fuss about it. Most likely Muslim individuals will be paid to do the study (ot Jews and Muslims because even though neither eat pork, Muslims still want to kill them)

Directing the outcome of the study to make it look like raising pigs is a health hazard, instead of honestly trying to improve methods will be a priority…. Then with pre-determined results of the study, there can be legislation…and finally an EPA ruling…(like global warming…which compromises American sovereighnty and puts kazillions of dollars into the coffers of the Saudis, who use it to promote Islam…for lobbying…for policy change, the buying of America, and to influence American opinion.)

Of course Muslims will be quick to use this as evidence that the Koran is true and reliable…However there is no evidence that this is not a rigged scam….This is more likely a part of stealth jihad……


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Swine-Flu Bio Terror? Muslim Persecution of Christians has Reached Genocidal Proportions

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