Geert the Great

January 25, 2009 at 9:43 am 1 comment

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What is wrong with telling the truth? That is exactly what Geert Wilders did when he made “Fitna.” If  2.6 billion good Muslims are having a fit over “Fitna”, who is really in denial here? Perhaps good Muslims do not like hearing verses from their own book either….

I thought good Muslims were trying to spread their religion, so why not let it all hang out so we can all “understand” once and for all?  Geert is Great…He is helping non-Muslims understand why they are not Muslims…

If  the Koran verses that Geert, the Great, used are innacurate there is a simple solution…remove them from their source. Burn or ban them whatever… don’t interrogate someone who shares them, for heaven’s sake. (I think it’s called “slaying The Messenger”)–In this case, Geert is the messenger, and God is Great).

But who’s kidding who?? I am definitely not kidding when I say that I recognized the verses Geert the Great used (in Fitna) as the very same that I read in the Koran years ago. In fact, I thought Geert presented them mildly, honestly, and sincerely.  They are just quotes from the Koran…After all, the Koran is pure and simple …right??

… Evil….Insulting….

And don’t try to use that “innacurate translation from Arabic”  line.  If Arabic was such a universal language; sooo-oo perfect, with noo-ooo room for error, it would be easy to translate.

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