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GOP needs a ‘Freedom Contract with America’

We cannot wait until 2011 for some ‘good ole boy’ to decide he is going to run for presidency as a conservative Republican in 2012. We need to reform the party and prep a candidate now.~MCL

By ~Jefferson Paine

Please help send a clear signal of reform to our feckless leaders at the Republican National Committee (RNC).  We gladly welcome input, keen insightful commentary and additions to this important Conservative revolution to reform the GOP.

The way to win in politics is to attract more people into your electoral tent than theirs – it’s as simple as that.  Think about the Reagan-Paul Revolution outfitted in a modern-day, high-tech marketing and grass-roots infrastructure.

To accomplish this, “We” start by:

  • 1)  Not picking up the stakes and moving left (compromising, watering down our principles; been there, done that, doesn’t work), but by holding fast to what we know is right and that works – educating, convincing, cajoling, challenging, inviting as many as possible rightward into the Conservative tent.
  • 2)  Leaving Neo-Cons and RINOS and their ilk behind. By turning to our core principles again, and ignoring these pretenders with leftist tendencies, they will have no other choice but to ‘get religion’ again, and move right, or self-select the Leftist party – thus watering the Left down!
  • 3)  Installing, and supporting, Conservative LEADERSHIP. We must demand change here when our leaders reliably falter. And we cannot tolerate corruption, and those leaders or officials who continue to do damage to our party platform, to our Conservative mission, or ignore the Constitution.
  • 4)  Modernizing our political marketing, our education, fundraising, recruiting, constructive debates, by maximizing the use of high-powered communications technologies – particularly by harnessing improved use of the Internet as our primary grassroots engine (as has been proposed).
  • 5)  Effectively getting our message through to the youth and the disenchanted in particular. Conservatism has no ‘color’; we know it benefits everyone because fairness and success are the inevitable, proven results of maximizing the individual’s freedom – regardless of one’s group identities. So, the key is to educate with the appropriately tailored, EFFECTIVE message for the brain-washed, non-believers.
  • 6)  Revering our oaths, and not only living up to it, but by CHAMPIONING the U.S. Constitution – the most remarkable, secular document ever written.
  • 7)  Promoting a Conservative political agenda which puts the promise of all Americans ahead of any individual leader, party, apparatchik, or interest group. Our rallying cry should be “We, the People…”; our mission must be to restore, and to protect our Constitutional LIBERTIES. It’s that simple.

All political marketing and infrastructure aside, all is for naught if we don’t have the superior political PRODUCT (policy agenda) to sell.  Marketing tactics must be built around the central ideas, policies, candidates we are offering to the American electorate.

What other cogent, key points of reform would you suggest? 

This seems a no-brainer; we should start re-establishing our party credibility, and demonstrating our superior Conservative principles, by promoting a political agenda which the People already desperately want!  The Republican minority should, each congressional session, propose the following pieces of legislation, under the Contract with America umbrella, while making a solemn pledge to the American People, which will NOT be broken, that upon obtaining the majority position in Congress, the Republican Speaker of the House will bring the Freedom Contract before Congress, and have a full debate upon each of the Ten Promises, as outlined below.  This new Contract with America might read as follows:

The Freedom Contract with America

We Solemnly Pledge, We Will,

•I.                Seal America’s Borders, Now! Stop the incessant influx across our borders of illegal drugs, weapons, diseases, and aliens including potential terrorists, slaves, criminals, and the impoverished – which continually poison our American nation.

•II.                Resolve our Military Incursions, Now!  Cease and remove ourselves from unending nation-building and dangerous entangling alliances.  Secure our own American territory, instead!

•III.             Pass the Fair Tax Act, Now!  (while repealing the 16th Amendment)  Eliminate all federal taxes: abolish the personal income tax (along with the IRS!), FICA taxes, capital gains taxes, death taxes, corporate taxes, etc. and replace with one single, flat and fair sales tax rate on purchases of all new goods and services.  Includes a ‘prebate’ check paid monthly to all Citizens reimbursing them for taxes paid up to the poverty level.

•IV.              Reverse the Infringement on our Constitutional Rights from the “War on Terror”, and Completely Overhaul our Broken Immigration System, Now!  Review the Patriot Act, FISA, and related legislation and restore any Citizens’ Rights damaged by government over-reach.  This shall include a complete re-tooling of our domestic visa program, passports, identification and alien tracking, etc. and strict enforcement including swift deportation after due process.

•V.                 Stop the Government’s Attacks on Traditional Marriage, Now!  Cease the use of Government coercion, by a fringe minority, as a bludgeon against the vast majority of Americans who will not accept being forced to legally sanctify the aberrant arrangement of a few, while denying the traditional, millennia-old bond of man and woman, which by the potential to pro-create, uniquely strengthens nations with families

•VI.              Abolish the Federal Reserve System, and all other Un-Constitutional Federal Departments, Now!  These unconstitutional entities are, by definition, operating illegally, are wasting vast quantities of precious resources, especially leviathans such as the Federal Reserve, which, as we are witnessing, actually promotes the destruction of wealth rather than its preservation!

•VII.           Stop the Government’s Promotion of Infanticide, Euthanasia, and Human Embryonic Experimentation, Now!  Government spear-heading of Eugenics represents the path to destruction for a nation as history has always shown.  Killing people for our own convenience (under the guise it’s for the victim’s convenience) represents evil on its face.

•VIII.        Cease all Marxist Re-Distribution Schemes of the Citizen’s Wealth (’Welfare’) to Foreign Entities, Corporations, ‘Causes’, or Other Citizens (’Victims’), Now!  Forced ‘charity’ is really not charity at all.  It’s called COERCION – and its spirit is the exact opposite of that under which the Constitution was formed, and for which it was consecrated to protect.

•IX.              Cease the Government Interference in our Individual Free Choice of Education, Medical Care, Insurance, Transportation, etc. in an Open and Competitive Marketplace, Now!  We, the People, shall be Free to Choose our own actions and associations without any government interference whatsoever (unless it is proven to injure someone else).  Free markets, the benevolent forces of competition, and Capitalism allocate goods and services (limited resources) better than any Government, King, or bloated Bureaucracy ever possibly could (see Feudalism, Marxism, Fascism, Bolshevism, Communism..)!

•X.                 Unfetter the Energy Marketplace in order for energy alternatives to Emerge upon their own Economic Merits;  Cease and Desist from Onerous Schemes to Handcuff the Marketplace, Kowtowing to Phony Crises such as “Global Warming”, or Insidious International Treaties, Now!  There is no reason, except for Government interference, that America cannot achieve Energy Independence.  This is a matter of national security!  Let us drill and mine for our own resources.  Stop the forced, corn-fed methanol boondoggle.  Champion the superior benefits of nuclear power!  Let FREE MARKETS find solutions from which we can CHOOSE – there is no history that these optimal solutions will ever come from Big Daddy Government.

Have we left anything out?  What improvements would you make?  What vital suggestions do you have for the RNC that would put us back on a course toward that Shining City on a Hill?


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