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Tarzan Does Not Believe in Celebrating Christmas!

It’s all very much an Islamist thing…The ever dynamic Pastor Manning says here that Senator Tarzan refuses to let his children or wife celebrate Christmas.  Moslems do not celebrate Christmas either… 
 As the president goes, so goes the nation.  And the nation has already gone against Christianity in so many ways.  The long term effect is a tortured underground church as in communist countries like the former USSR, Hungary, & China, etc, with great martyrs like Richard Wurmbrand keeping alive the fire of Christ, even if many of them have to give up their lives. 
The seed of pure faith in God can be the holy force that eventually rips through the blanket of darkness upon us. 
My  ex-husband (the muslim)  never liked Christmas either, never bought me a Christmas gift, and did not allow a tree in our house, or other Christmas decorations. The last year we were together, he tried to make me stay home, and not let me go to my Mother’s house for Christmas. His excuse was that she had a dog, and if I inadvertantly tracked a dog’s hair back into our house, his prayers would not be accepted by his god allah. (ouch!!…two birds with one stone!, …well actually three, with #3 being my relations with my family!) 
I went anyway and took my children, but it was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me concerning Islam and our marriage. I had some Christmas decorations in a box, in a closet, that I could not display in our home anyway. When we eparated weveral months later, I tried to take them but it led to a serious push and shove so I had to leave them behind. My guess is that he took them to the dump…
He wasn’t much on birthdays either…

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