No Compromises Blog Talk Radio Show Pulled Due to Philip Berg Interview

October 14, 2008 at 11:14 pm 1 comment

Philip Berg was scheduled to be on No Compromises Blog Talk Radio on October 13, 2008. This is an outrageous assault on free speech! Please visit No Compromises When You’re Right Blog to read about it. You can help by sending letters to the personnel at Blog Talk Radio, whose names are listed there. Thanks!- MCL

The following is an Editor’s Note from New Media Journal:  ” …the publisher and host of NoCompromise, has informed readers and listeners that her most recent guest was to be none other than Phillip Berg, the former Democrat county chair from Pennsylvania who has filed suit against the Obama campaign and the DNC over Obama’s citizenship. We would have heard all about it but for the fact that BlogTalkRadio yanked her show stating that they determined (before the show was aired) that the content would not be “fact-based” and that it would “advance a falsehood”…on an opinion format internet radio broadcast. Censorship is here, my friends. Be afraid.”If Berg’s case can’t determined, how can Blog Talk Radio assert that it is advancing a “falehood?” Maybe we should dump the judges and have BTR the third branch of gov’t!

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