Virginia Governor Endorses Ban on Jesus Prayer

October 10, 2008 at 9:02 pm Leave a comment

“Gov. Timothy Kaine of Virginia has affirmed his support for a new statewide policy under which state troopers serving as chaplains will not be allowed to pray “in Jesus name,” explaining that he can pray “without mentioning Jesus….”  Read the full story here .

Say what you will, a non-denominational America will turn into an Islamic victory…a Muslim land…. What the Governor fails to understand is that removing Jesus will make it easier for Islamists, who also want to remove Jesus from all prayer..and eventually criminalize Christianity, and then all other religions except Islam. It does not matter what your religion is…Without Jesus, there is no Christianity. So who is this really discriminating against in the long run? The answer is…all non-muslims.

This country was Christian from the beginning…The Christians who came here from England were being persecuted in England. Imperialism was not the agenda. Colonists did not get off the Mayflower shooting at the Indians and scheming how to takeover.

Contrarily, Islam is an invasive species….Islamists have stated that imperialism is the agenda for Islamists in America today, who have stated so.  Omar Ahmed, the founder of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) said “Islam is not in America to be equal to any other faith, but to be dominant.”  

Athiests and others who do not understand what is going on,  will now use this ruling to eliminate Christianity altogether. Once Jesus is out of the way…, Christianity will be out of the way… With Christianity out of the way, Islamists will try to declare officially “Allah” is the same entity as “God”… But that is impossible… because Allah is a slavemaster, whose followers call themselves “slaves of Allah.” The quran says that Allah is a “Great Deceiver.” The God of the Bible is a “Father” and his followers are his “children.” That is a huge difference between Jesus and Allah, thus, the Bible and the Koran. 

If you are an athiest, which religion do you want to prevail?? If you are gay, preferring Islam over Christianity is truly masichistic. If you are a woman, know that Satan hates you. Like it or not, one religion will prevail, and Christianity is far more tolerant than Islam.

If you are a nice person and you let pirates/thugs come into your house, they will eventually throw you out….


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