Legislation to Prevent Sharia in America!

September 23, 2008 at 9:31 pm Leave a comment

Tom Tancredo, (R. CO) is proposing very important legislation to keep America Democratic, free of Sharia Law. This is important to you and, to me personally. You may think that sharia cannot apply to you, but you could be dead wrong! As of last week, Sharia courts are now in Britain. Once Sharia courts become established there, I predict tht Muslims will be looking for ways to drag non-muslims into their courts. A non-muslim can be accused of a crime against a muslim. 

It is not fair to those who wish to be free of Sharia, such as a muslim child who wants to convert to another religion, or simply does not want to practice Islam. It is equally not fair to a Middle Eastern woman who wants to live in a democratic society!

I am an American with Islamic experience. If Sharia were in America, my ex-muslim husband could drag me into a sharia court. I practiced Islam to learn my husbands religion and help him assimilate. Now I can be accused of apostacy! I could also be falsely accused of adultry during a marraige that ended 20 years ago!  This is real folks…Sharia courts in Britain are very disturbing. Please read about the common sense legislation to help keep America free!: 


 Take further action:


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