Is the Islamization of America is Underway?

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JBS-Swift Employees

JBS-Swift Employees

A supervisor at the JBS-Swift & Co. plant, green hat, instructs workers protesting Friday to return to their job or face possible termination. The workers were protesting the decision Swift managers made on Wednesday to move the second-shift lunch break to about 7:30 p.m. to accommodate Muslim workers who needed the earlier break to end their fast as part of the observance of the holy month of Ramadan. -Chris Casey, The Tribune, Sept. 6, 2008


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Muslims do not have to break their fast at a particular time, they just may not break their fast prior to sunset. It is not Swifts decision that they are fasting in the first place. No one is forcing them to fast…Furthermore, Muslims are not required to fast if it interferes with a work duty or schedule. It is a religious observance that should be practiced if possible. Muslims often say… “there is no compulsion in religion”. If that is really as true as they claim, their decision to fast and request a special break time is a non-hospitable, aggressive observance decision. The special break time infringes on the other workers right to break at their required time. Latinos and Catholics are upset because the new schedule forces the second shift to work more consecutive hours after their break.
There used to be a popular saying in America that I have not heard in a long time; “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.””

I for one, am going to contact Swift and tell them what I think.-MCL


JBS Swift & Company
1770 Promontory Circle
Greeley, CO 80634


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