I AM an Apostate to Islam

August 15, 2008 at 9:37 pm Leave a comment

I am an American, and I  was married to a Muslim, who I converted to Islam for. I practiced the totalitarian ideology for several years, which was well way beyond the time I began to suspect it was an evil ideology. I knew that my reversion back to Christianity would end my marraige, and under Shariah Law, my life. I am sure it would have been far worse for me, my children, and our nation if I had stayed, because then I could never speak out against the evils of Islam, which include religious intoleration. Even though I resumed calling myself a Christian, I was a Christian in name only. Only recently have I begun to understand the importance of really being a Christian, and understanding why Christ lived and suffered on the cross. It is this understanding that makes Christianity and Christians such a threat to Muslims. I believe that we are their ultimate enemy, because I believe Muslims practice a satanic cult, the antithesis to Christianity. I know this sounds paranoid and fanatic, but I believe it after my experiences, our country’s experiences, time, and hindsight.

I say with true conviction that I am proud to be a Christian.
I knew that if I lived in an Islamic country I could be killed for being an apostate. I realized that if my 3 children became muslim they could become my enemy. I see that Islam has been presented kind of benevolently, and in stages,  to them so as not to alarm them, as it was to me. I understand that once the disease spreads, the benevolency and “peacefulness”, and tolerance to host countries will disappear. As we see, there is little to no tolerance in Islam dominated countries such as Saudi Arabia. That Christians are allowed to live is those countries is a farse. They are only ‘token’ groups, who must refer to God as “Allah”, if they are allowed to survive (as second class citizens) at all.
I am astonished at how our politicians are so willing to accept Muslim demands here. As I see the acceptance of the Islamic culture, I realize that the possibility of being killed is not unrealistic. When I read that about the girl in Saudi Arabia, I suddenly felt threatened.– because our politicians are turning a blind eye to it, and it is to easy to cover it up as domestic or gang violence. I now realize that my X could send a mercenary to my home disguised as a thief, who could kill me in a breaking and entering scam. That would still not incriminate Islam.
If we continue to allow Muslims in this country, and allow them to practice their religion, all non-muslims are at risk. My comment to have those verses made illegal was sincere, but somewhat flippant, because I know that Muslims will still follow the original Islam, as long as there are Muslims and Korans. I think that Islam should be made illegal and the entire Koran should be banned in the US…But that classifies me as a fascist. I recently sent around petitions to have the Koran and Islam banned. I do not know how most were received, but I received more positive than negative responses. The negative responses had a point too–if we made Islam and the Koran illegal , then they would try to have Christianity and the Bible illegal…And they would! Therefore, the only other option I can see is to stop letting them leave their home countries, unless they denounce Islam and the Koran, and swear they are no longer, (or never were)  Muslims.


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