On “Change”

June 26, 2008 at 1:31 am Leave a comment

“Change” is a benign word that can mean anything. Here is an example (I received in an e-mail) of one kind of change. Readers may think this is in poor taste, and indeed, change can be ugly, and mean just about anything:

“Years ago, there was an old tale in the Marine Corps about a lieutenant who inspected his Marines and told the ‘Gunny’ that they smelled bad. The lieutenant suggested that they change their underwear. The Gunny responded, ‘Aye, aye, sir, I’ll see to it immediately’.He went into the barracks and said, ‘The lieutenant thinks you guys smell bad, and wants you to change your underwear. Smith, you change with  Jones, McCarthy, you change with Kwiatkowski, Brown, you change with Schultz. Get to it’. 

The Moral: A candidate may promise change in Washington, but don’t count on things smelling any better!


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