Exposing Butchery and Desolation in the Oldest Monastery in the world

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Oldest Mosque in Egyptby Ibn Misr
10 Jun, 2008
The whole truth about the butchery and desolation in the oldest Monastery in the world, Deir Abu Fana, in Egypt 


Mubarak turned Egypt to a major Islamic terrorists breeding country, starting by his security police, to please and cash from his Saudi masters and extort the West.
The ethnic cleansing of Christians in Egypt and in every Muslims dominated country is the unmistakable sign of a coming Islamic upheaval in the West.

Nothing unusual here, it’s perfectly in line with what they’re told to do, according to the Koran, 8:12, ” I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger tips off them.”

The kidnapped Christian visitor, brother of one of the fathers of the Monastery, is still not accounted for.  According to the three other monks kidnapped with him, he was last seen by them being tortured to force him to recite the bloody Islamic shahada. The fact that no words or answers from the security police about his whereabouts, and the fact he was not brought back with the other three monks make us strongly believe that he was killed.
The question that all the Copts, whether in Egypt or across the world, are asking: If the police succeeded in getting back the three kidnapped monks, why they didn’t arrest the kidnapers and the attackers, and why the disappearance of the fourth kidnapped person is still unsolved?

– Several workers that were performing various jobs at the monastery during the attack were also wounded.
– All the Monastery’s farms, including orange, citrus, olives, and mushrooms farms were destroyed and all farm buildings set on fire. These monks succeeded in the last ten years, with their knowhow, to set the standards for modern farming, and make the desert bloom in the land belonging to the Monastery, using the latest techniques to obtain results that could’ve been a model for all the desert land of Egypt, that represent more than 90% of a country where people are dying for a loaf of bread, and importing 75% of its food. But this is not how Muslims think. Their prophet didn’t tell them to labor the land or to emulate other people success, but to steal it, same as Mohammad exterminated the Jewish and Christian populations of Arabia to steal their lands and their properties. And what they can’t steal, they destroyed. That’s why their ultimate aim is the destruction of Israel for committing the biggest sin in the eyes of Muslims, succeeding.

For Muslims, this is called business as usual in our language. In their language it’s called religion, cast in their hateful, but “very holy” Koran by their thug prophet alter ego, Allah himself. 

In case you’re just getting acquainted with the religion of the prophet of thugs, and not to be accused of making this up, read it for yourself, Koran 33:27, “And He made you heirs of their lands, their houses, and their goods, and of a land which ye had not frequented (Before). And Allah has power over all things.”

– Chicken farm, fish farm, Honey bees, were set on fire and destroyed. They dynamited the fish farm in a way that the fish were sprayed on the surrounding land. No people on earth can compete with the followers of the prophet of doom in their hate capacity for what is good, and their love capacity for evil.
– The water station and irrigation lines were destroyed.
– Electric power generators were stolen, and power lines destroyed.
– Agricultural machinery and equipments were stolen or burned and destroyed (another Mohammad’s Islamic legacy).
– Construction materials and equipments were looted.
– Cell phones, Cameras, computers, money, and farms produce were looted.
 – Eight monks living cells and living quarters for visitors that come to the monastery for worshipping, and monastic life seekers that were not destroyed in the previous attacks were all burned and destroyed.
The police, located 4 miles away, was called as soon the attack started at 5 pm. They arrived at 9 pm despite hearing the gun fire sounds, same as us, over the phone, their perfect knowledge of the gravity of the situation, the history of all the destructive previous attacks, and knowing, ” their friends, and associates,” that are committing the attacks.

After the arrival of the security police at 9 pm, the attackers continued their shooting and destruction till 10 pm, while the security officers questioning and interrogating the monks.
No attempt by the police, neither in this attack or the previous ones, to arrest any of the attackers, whom they perfectly know, or even to launch any forensic examination, or report the attack to the district attorney. Instead, the police asked the monks to call and ask the Christian contractor responsible for building the wall around the monastery to come from his house, located 18 miles away. At his arrival, he was taken to the police station for questioning after assuring the monks that it’s only a matter of procedure that won’t take more than an hour.

The next day, the contractor, that was 18 miles away from the monastery during the attack, was officially declared arrested and accused of killing one of the Muslim attackers.
This has been the famous no-brainer trick, and pattern used by the Egyptian authorities, for every attack on the Copts, during the last thirty years, to arrest Christian scapegoats and accuse them falsely with various crimes according to the situation, and then blackmail the Christian authorities of the church to drop the charges and the case against the Muslim attackers, in exchange of the release of the Christian “scapegoats,” and a declaration that both sides were equally responsible.

Let’s assume that one of the attackers that shot and wounded four monks got killed from someone at the monastery, wouldn’t that be considered by all the laws of the world to be a legitimate self defense? When you’ll see the power of the gun fire attack in the video clip, you’ll be the judge to answer that question. 
The refusal of the district attorney to come to scene of the attack, the monastery, or to launch an investigation of the events.

– Through a phone conversation With Father Mina, one of the monks at the monastery, he Stated, “the police was so complacent, and several officers were just watching and laughing.”
 Neither the police, neither the justice department represented by the public district attorney produced any details about the alleged, “killed” Muslim, or any forensic or medical examiner autopsy report.
El Menya governor, police general Diaa Eddin Mohamed Ahmed Khalil announced on all television channels, with a very straight face without blinking and with no apparent sense of shame, that, “both groups, Muslims and Christian monks exchanged fire.” Without giving any forensic proof, except that one of the Muslims got “killed.” He just forgot to mention that the only weapons the monks and priests used, all along the Coptic Church 2000 years of history, is the cross, and their prayers.
In another television interview, he declared again that the monks opened fire on the attackers, and a Muslim got killed. Adding, “this is just a skirmish between two neighbors about the right of ownership of a piece of land that has nothing to do with religion.”

Questions: Since the governor is aware of the existence of fire weapons in the monastery, where those weapons are, and how come the authorities allow monasteries to have fire weapons?  Doesn’t that simply means that the governor is not doing his job, and he’s not qualified for his position. But this also a coded message to justify attacks on Christian monastery and churches, since his declaration implied that monasteries are armed, and according to the sharia law,  Christians are denied to carry, or to own arms. This is an extremely dangerous announcement that means monks and priests are armed and represent a danger to the country that should be fought and attacked. So any attack on a Church or a monastery can’t be viewed as an attack on unarmed innocent people.
The governor and the police authorities announced that, only, “one” Muslim was a victim, from more than sixty Muslim attackers, that should mean that all the monks were aiming at the same person all the time.

What a coincidence?
The honorable governor was making these statements as if he was the governor of Kabul or Kandahar in Afghanistan, and these are just normal events, or as he put it, “it’s just a skirmish between two good neighbors.”  Putting equally on the same scale a gang of terrorist killers and robbers, and peaceful loving monks that deserted the world for a life of prayers, worship and productive work to benefit the country.
 Saying that this, “skirmish,” have nothing to do with religion, is an indication from the governor that justice based on truth is not an option for the Copts in this case, as it was never an option for them since the barbarian hordes of Mohammad brought their curse to Egypt 1400 years ago.  His declaration is meant to be the conclusion of the case, based on his own falsification of the facts.

The stupid question here is: when Muslims have disagreements between themselves about a piece of land, do they attack, and shoot to kill each other with automatic weapons, kidnap, stone, lynch, lash, and crush each other’s hands and legs?
And assuming it is a piece of land disagreement between Muslims and Christians, which is not the case,  is this is the governor, and the Egyptian government accepted standard to resolve that disagreement, by burning churches, kidnapping monks, forcing them to spit on the cross, convert to Islam, cutting their ears, crushing their hands and feet, bringing women to fill their eyes, ears and mouth with sands, plus all what you’ll see in the video clip?
Let’s reverse the roles, and assume that the Copts attacked Muslims over a dispute for a piece of land, and burned their mosques, destroyed their properties, spat on the Koran, cursed Mohammad, kidnapped and tortured their imams to force them to convert to Christianity, shot and critically wounded four other imams, and caused what you will see in the video clip, would the honorable governor, the Egyptian authorities, and the media say that, ” this is just a skirmish between two neighbors that have nothing to do with religion?”

I guess you know the answer. For just a cartoon on a piece of paper, or few words on Islam from the Pope of Rome in the context of an academic speech, they put the world on fire. They massacred Christians across the world, burned churches, bombed embassies with the latest one just few days ago, the Danish embassy in Pakistan with all the casualties and innocent victims blown to pieces. They terrorized, and still terrorizing the world with no end in sight. All this just for a cartoon on a piece of paper, how much more they would do if what they did to the monastery and the monks were applied on them by Christians, and by the Copts of Egypt? It’s no-brainer, I wouldn’t even try to guess the number of Copts slaughtered or the number of churches put on fire. And it wouldn’t be only limited to Egypt, Christians would be massacred and churches would be put on fire in every Islamic dominated country. 

They are already doing it voluntarily without any provocation. So imagine their delight to have this hoped for excuse to indulge and excel with the most religious zeal in applying what they worshipped and prayed for from birth, to kill, destroy, and spread desolation and more oceans of blood, all this and more while praising Allah for giving them the opportunity to fulfill his curses on these cross worshippers. This was, and still is their major contribution to the world since 1400 years ago.

One of the Muslims’ slogan that became famously known is, “first the Saturday people, and then the Sunday people.” It is clear that they are simply proceeding according to plan. They effectively cleansed the Saturday people from every Muslims dominated country, and are now focused to finish up, what they started 1400 years ago, the Sunday people, to guarantee their place in their allah’s killers’ paradise.          
Another stupid question: why the Egyptian police didn’t produce, and expose to the world the weapons used by the “Jihadist” monks?  But again, what’s the use of asking stupid questions to the expert Egyptian police? And what about the weapons of the Muslim attakers? But that’s a very naïve questions.

Two fire trucks arrived, two hours after the police arrival, and after the fire consumed all what was meant to be burned.

No ambulance for the injured monks and they were taken to the nearest government hospital (Mallawi hospital) in a truck used for animal transportation. In the hospital, doctors refused to treat them, to abstain from issuing reports confirming the cause of the wounds. Which will be considered aiding the cause of the Kafirs against Muslims. We’re talking here about the noble medical profession and doctors that swore to uphold the Hippocrate’s Oath, but this is now the Egypt that produced the most famous doctor in the world that also recited the same oath, Dr. Al Zawahri.

As a side note, we have live recorded confessions from Egyptian ex-Muslim doctors that rejected Islam after they witnessed and documented the intentional murder of hundreds of Christian patients (that’s the number they personally witnessed, just in the hospitals they worked at), per year, in government’s public hospitals, by Muslim doctors acting with a completely clear conscience, and even admitting it confidentially, but proudly between themselves, and praising Allah for giving them the opportunity to do it “medically,” and professionally. Either by committing intentional errors during surgeries, or prescribing wrong medications based on erroneous diagnosis. It is also a known fact that the medical schools and the medical board in Egypt are totally controlled by the Muslims brotherhood.

Back to the events.

The wounded monks and workers were then taken, after the intervention of Coptic authorities and lawyers, to El Minya city main Hospital. They were left in the emergency reception with no medical care, bleeding for four hours, and in urgent need of blood transfusions. The Muslim “doctors” excuse was, “there is no blood at the hospital that correspond to the monks blood type.” Of course, their blood types is that of apes and pigs.

Immediately, our Coptic rooms on the Paltalk that were transmitting the events, nonstop, alerted the Coptic population and churches close to the hospital for the urgent need of blood donors. Within the hour, hundreds of angry Copts gathered front of the hospital, but were denied entry to donate blood by the police for “Undisclosed” security reasons.

While the condition of the wounded monks was deteriorating, the officials at the hospital announced that their injuries are very superficial, and only requires simple medical procedures.
That was Sunday 2 pm. At 2:30pm, Coptic Pope Shenouda’s office and the highest authority of the church in Cairo immediately arranged the transportation of all the monks and the other victims to a private Cairo Coptic owned hospital. At their arrival, they were all rushed to the intensive care unit, and all required extensive surgeries. In particular, two of the monks that were kidnapped required extremely complicated surgeries that lasted more than nine hours. One monk is still risking the amputation of his crushed arm, and another almost lost his site from being viciously hit on the head with the back of a riffle and the sand put in his eyes.

With the usual cover-ups and “Taquia” lies from all Egyptian government institutions and officials, the Copts of Mallawi and surrounding areas of Deir (pronounced: dare, meaning monastery) abu Fana in the province of El Minya, which has a high concentration of Copts that suffered the harshest oppression and losses in lives and properties from Muslims attacks, and the government systematic persecution during the last forty years, and not one single Muslim being condemned, started to gather on Sunday at the diocese Cathedral in protest, chanting in defiance, ” With our blood and soul, we will defend the cross,” and appealing to Hosni Mubarak, the president, to intervene and let  the truth and justice prevail, and save the country from an imminent catastrophe because, ” The Coptic hearts are on fire.”

The attack on Deir Abu Fana last Saturday followed the massacre of a Coptic jeweler and three of his Coptic employees on Wednesday in Cairo, and another Coptic-owned jewelry store was targeted the next day, Thursday, this time in the port city of Alexandria.
The security police surrounded the Cathedral, since Sunday afternoon and provoked clashes with the Copts protesting, peacefully, inside the Cathedral gates.

On Monday, the spokesman priest of the diocese of Mallawi announced that the presumed “killed” Muslim victim was known in the area, and his father declared sometimes ago that he wanted to get rid of him for being gravely mentally retarded. The spokesman added that this person never set foot on the land of the monastery, and no corpse was ever found by the police on the monastery’s land. He stated, very bluntly, that this presumed, “victim,” has been definitely killed somewhere else, and the accusations of the monks by the police is another deception by the police authority of the province to blackmail the Copts.

On Wednesday, another dramatic event that had the effect of heating up the emotions and disgust of the Copts in El Minya province. In a village called Dafsh, about seventy miles from Mallawi, a twenty five year old muslim killed his twenty two year old Christian neighbor by stabbing him to death.
On Thursday, hundreds of Coptic youths started to gather front of Saint Mary’s and Saint George Church inthe center of the village, protesting peacefully, and demanding that the killer be judged and punished. The riot police dispersed them on Friday morning, using tear bombs.

Friday afternoon, they gathered again at the church in the afternoon for the funeral. After the burial, they were provoked and shouted at by Muslim youths. The situation quickly escalated to clashes between the two groups that prompted a massive intervention by the riot police to disperse both groups and impose a curfew on the whole village. The police announced the arrest of the Muslim killer and investigating the case.

Also Thursday: in the village of El Kosheh, which made the world news in January 2000, for, “The massacre of the millennium,” was the scene of other dramatic events. A security officer driving his car, hit and killed a Christian Copt, according to many eye witnesses. El Kosheh have a population of 35000 Christians and 5000 Muslims. The police authorities provided witnesses testifying that it wasn’t the officer driving the car. 
Today, Sunday: The Egyptian government media is still insisting that the reason for the attack on Deir Abu Fana, was robbery, and to prevent the building of wall to protect the monastery. Religion and terrorism  were not an issue. The slaughtering of four Coptic Jewelers in Cairo was also for robbery. Denying the jihad terrorism against the Copts or Christians is the surest thing for it to continue. How they would fix something that doesn’t exist. No doctor can cure a disease if the patient deny he’s sick.

This is exactly what’s happening in the West. The war on terror is a deceiving term; it’s a war on the symptoms of terror, or the consequences of terror. When you eliminate cancerous cells on top of the skin you don’t eliminate cancer, you have to extirpate it from its roots, or it will spread all over the body. They may succeed to destroy some  rotten fruits, but the tree is producing other fruits, every day. And the tree producing the rotten fruits is the Koran, and Islamic teaching.

These are not just words; these are simple facts that doesn’t require a high IQ to figure out, and time will prove it.   
All what the Christians in Egypt and especially the monks in the desert, and native Christians in every Muslims dominated country are looking for is their right to live and their freedom of belief. Is that too much asking?

Yes, it is too much asking according to Islamic government, it’s against Islam. For them, the cornerstone of their religion is to kill all who don’t submit to their Allah, Koran 9:29,
“Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the Religion of Truth, from among the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

Muslims are the only people on earth that it’s against their religion to, “live and let live.” Their “faith,” order them to live and kill, those who don’t adhere to the same, “live and kill,” doctrine.

The question of all questions, not only for us as Copts, but for the whole Western world, who are the real terrorists, the ones that pull the trigger and cause death and desolation, or the ones giving them the means, facilitating, covering up and blessing their actions?

The terrorists are not Bin Laden, Zawahri, Zarkawi and company. They execute what they were taught and told to do. They’re just the foot soldiers. You can kill them all, it won’t make a dent. The koran is producing thousands in madrassas all over the islamic world, and even in the Western world every day.  
Naïve those who will think that this is a remote Coptic issue, or that the silent holocaust going on against all Christians in muslims dominated countries is also a remote issue that doesn’t, and won’t affect the West.

All Islamic governments, especially Egypt and Saudi Arabia are spreading the Islamic disease in every Western country through their well established bases, mosques, schools, muslim centers, islamic organizations and official missions. Jihad will always be their biggest export product, they have the money to finance it, as it is already happening now, and their people are already within us.

All these Islamic government officials, including their leaders (thugs), and their security apparatus that are the real instigators of Christians cleansing in their countries, whom they hate and consider them part of the Western kafir world that they’re aiming to Islamize, how is it conceivable that these same governments and their security apparatus cooperate with the Western governments or with their law enforcement agencies, with good faith, to fight Islamic terrorism against the Christian kafirs in the West, when their main focus is to eliminate the Christians in their own countries.

It is important to know that governors in Egypt are not elected, but are chosen by the president. In other words, the governor is only the mouth piece, and his declarations are dictated to him by the government and the president of Egypt. Never, in the course of these grave and terrorist events,  Mubarak, the dictator of Egypt and the lackey of his masters the Saudis, which his era has been one of the most oppressive for Christians, never intervened or ordered an investigation. Would he be that silent if this attack, destruction and butchery happened to a mosque or an Islamic institution?

As for the moderate Muslims in Islamic countries or their brothers and sisters in the West, their answer is crystal clear: they agree, there is no persecution or ethnic cleansing for Christians in their countries of origin. But let what happened to the monastery in Egypt, or to Christians in every Islamic country, happen to them and their mosques in the West, and they would put the world on fire. No need to waste more time trying to define moderate Muslims in the West. They perfectly defined themselves, and made it clear on whose side they are. 

These are the same Islamic countries that allowed the dancing on the streets, and distribution of candies to celebrate the 911 massacres, which they called, the Islamic conquest of New York.

Al Qaeda started from Egypt by Al Zawahri’s Islamic terrorist group 
The Grand scale deceptions, and lies of the Egyptian Islamic government, the producer of the ideology of terror across the Globe was never limited to Egypt. Many people ignore that the ideology of Islamic terror and Jihad is spread to the world by Egypt’s Sunni ideologues from  Al Azhar University who sets the guidelines for all the Sunni world, and the Muslims Brotherhood who established cells all over the world, including America and every Western country to deflate their system from within.  Saudi Arabia’s role was, and still is to provide the financing

The diabolical double game of deception played by the Islamic world and performed,  according to Mohammad’s famous doctrine, ” War is deception,” by the king of Saudi Arabia and Ali Gomaa, the Mufti of Egypt to anesthetize the Western world with peaceful words of interfaith dialogue, while pursuing the “cast in stone” dictum, confirmed twice in the Koran 2:193 and 8:39, “And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and all religion be to Allah (the whole world converted to Islam.)

The dissemination of disinformation and lies by the major Western press agencies is a flagrant complicity with the Islamic world, that caused already in the Western world the slaughtering of thousands, destructions, and still misleading the Western public which will lead to more slaughtering and desolation, and ultimately to a conflagration with unpredictable consequences.

The First-hand Account of the Abu Fana Monastery Events
Since last Saturday, at 5 pm Egypt local time, we at –  Coptic News Organization – were in direct, nonstop contact over the phone with the monks in Abu Fana Monastery, 190 miles south of Cairo, monitoring the events, minutes after the indescribable barbaric  criminal attack by more than 60  Muslims, round the clock, nonstop. We were over the phone, hearing the massive automatic weapons gun fire that you can have a glimpse of it in the video clip, which none of the so called major news agencies did.

The thugs, the followers of the butcher of nations, the laughing killer (this is one of Muhammad’s famous name) attacked the peaceful, harmless, and unarmed monks in their desert Monastery of Abu Fana that existed 300 years before the curse of Islam reached Egypt, and again spread their butchery and desolation for the second time this year. We reported the last attack in January 13, 2008, and a similar incident took place in Minya in October, resulting in 20 people receiving injuries. In total, this is the eighteenth attack in the last four years by the same neighboring Muslim gang lead by a well known ex-police informer, and not one of these Muslim thugs were ever arrested or prosecuted.

Results of the attack: 
– One church was set on fire; another one was destroyed to the ground, Bibles, crosses, Icons, holy utensils of the Altars were desecrated, spit at, thrown to the ground, stepped and urinated on.
– Four of the monks were shot and wounded. One was beaten with iron bars.
(Father Bakhom ,Father Saweris , Father Veni , Father Micheal , And a fifth monk )
– Three monks and a Christian that was visiting the Monastery (Father Maximous, Father Yoanas, Father Andrawes, and the brother of Father Mina who was visiting the monastery at the time of the attack) were kidnapped.

The three monks were freed from the hands of the Muslim attackers and brought to the monastery the next day by the police, after thousands of angry Copts gathered at the diocese of El Minya, being aware of the extreme gravity of the kidnapping of symbols of the church, and the catastrophe it could cause in Egypt, and internationally due to the immediate reactions, and monitoring from all the Coptic organizations in the Western world.

The condition of the three monks was extremely critical, they were barely alive, not able to walk or stand on their feet after they suffered indescribable torture for refusing to say the shahada (Islamic profession of faith) and to spit on the cross. Every time they refused to recite the shahada they were stoned and even Muslim women were spitting on them, putting sands in their eyes, ears, and mouth. They were lynched, lashed with electric cables, buried to their waist and stoned again, blind folded and attached to palm trees and beaten with wooden bats that crushed their back, arms, and leg bones. Their ears were cut; they were hit on their sexual organs. Islam and sex are inseparable (that’s one of Muslims favorite treatment for Kafirs), to refresh your memory, read about the Christian missionaries in Turkey, here.





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