Iranian Citizens Threatened by Cisco and China’s Golden Shield Technology

June 6, 2008 at 1:22 am Leave a comment

Freedom Organization of IranDespite UN Sanctions, in essence, companies such as Cisco are undermining President Bush’s efforts by indirectly selling technologies to Iran and silencing the very hope Iran has to rid itself of the current regime.
Pro West Iraninan freedom fighters who use Internet to fight the terrorist regime of Iran, are under surveilance by the Iranian regime using Cisco supplied Internet filtering and surveilance software.  Cisco systems officials have been denying this, but the evidence is too overwhelming.
Manouchehr Ganji, Secretarty General, of The Flag of Freedom of Iran, asks for relief from the underlying tyranny in the letter below to Mr. Henry Wooster, Deputy Director of The Office of Iranian Affairs.

Mr. Henry Wooster
Deputy Director
Office of Iranian Affairs
State Department
Washington , D.C.
Dear Mr. Wooster:
As I brought to your attention, on the phone on May 30th, 2008, one of our associates in Europe, in a satellite television program beamed from Los Angeles to Iran , stated that the Iranian government has been making use of U.S. technology provided to them by China . This software is being used for electronic surveillance where every activity one performs on his or her computer can be monitored.
The individual concerned, stated on the air, that Cisco an American technology company has been providing China with its “Golden Shield” or “The Great Chinese Firewall”,…. This technology alledgedly  is being provided to the Iranian government by the Chinese.
In view of the U.S. policy of sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, and mindful of the fact that such activities is in contravention with the right to freedom of information, I hope you will kindly bring the matter to the attention of the proper authorities for action to be taken to put an end to such transactions.
Please accept the assurances of my highest regards.
Manouchehr Ganji
Secretary General
Flag of Freedom Organization of Iran
PS: Bellow please find articles regarding the nature of this software. 

China’s Golden Shield

Cisco Leak: Great Firewall of China, a Chance to Sell more Routers


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