So, This is Nakba

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The Nakba: a Lucrative Extortion Business Opportunity for Palestinians

by Ibn Misr, Islam-Watch.Org, 22 May, 2008
Ibn Misr (Son of Egypt) is the pseudonym of a Coptic (Christian) refugee who fled persecution in muslim Egypt.

Arabs and muslims should mourn, not only one nakba (catastrophe), but nakabat (plural of nakba).

Most importantly, the nakba of being the most backward, illiterate, destitute, bankrupted and hungry countries for not being able to feed themselves and keep living on the charitable generosity of the West.  Like parasites living on the blood and efforts of the Western taxpayers, men and women. And since Arab-muslims love to call Western women whores, then, we should call  Arab-muslims the pimps of the Western world, since they live on the money of whores. This is another legacy of their prophet, since he was a pimp too, as recorded in their “very” holy Koran.

Then there is the nakba of their decaying educational system that consist of hate brainwashing towards nonmuslims which they call Islamic studies, and their health system that leaves no one healthy. No wonder that their leaders and rich people come to the West to treat themselves, in the full sense of the word.

Then the nakba of keeping the world busy with their hijab and how much if should cover their penguins, and how a muslim apostate should be killed, and how “lightly” they should beat their women, and whether it’s lawful for a muslim to befriend Jews and Christians and greet them or wish them well, while the rest of the world reached and explored the stars.

Then the nakba of a tiny country like Israel that made the desert, and the minds of its people bloom to advance the world scientifically, medically, and technologically, striving with the civilized world to better the life of every human being, while  Arab-muslims turned their brains into a desert where nothing blooms, except hate, terror, and spreading desolation. Stunning the world with their technological breakthrough by driving planes into buildings, and using their doctor’s explosive techniques to relieve people from their lives all together.

And the nakba of all nakbatat, is using their nakbatat as their best business opportunity to extort the rest of the world, following the legacy of their role model, Mohammad , by looting people and subduing them ’til they pay the jiziah, to insure their bread and butter, which they’ve been doing in the last 1400 years.

I can summarize this in just one sentence: for muslims, the mother of all their nakbatat is simply being muslims, repeating their hallucination that of being, “The best people ever produced on the face of this Earth,” just because a thug, pedophile, caravan robber, abductor and rapist of women told them so.

The Irony of all ironies is when they strive and boast to convince us that their nakba system, islam, is the best solution for our civilized societies, while they’re screaming and pleading to be rescued from being buried under their own misery and destitution.

I read an interview in an Egyptian newspaper with a group of young university graduates who were planning to get into a smuggler’s boat to flee to Europe.

The interviewer told them: you know that according to the facts, at least 50% die from drowning on these shaky boats. They didn’t hesitate a second to tell him, 50% chance to die is much better than 100% if we stay here. The same applies on most muslim countries. This is their real nakba. The nakba of their own people preferring to flee their countries and risk death, than to stay and be dead.

What they do when they succeed and sneak into the West is another story, 

Their nakba is not the stateless “palestinians.” Let’s not forget that all the Arabs refused the UN partition, giving the Palestinians 50% of the whole land of Israel in 1948, because they couldn’t admit that Israelis should live on a portion of their own Jewish ancestral land, insisting that Jews be thrown to the sea.

Their nakba is not for a piece of land, but for failing until now to kill every Jew.

Their true nakba is simply the existence and success of Israel, period . The success of Israel is the biggest shame that highlights their failure.

If the Israelis give the “palestinians” all the land they want, and offer them unconditional peace, accepting all their terms, what will they do with this?

    Sahih Muslim, Book 41: Number 6985:

    Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.

And this:

    Koran 7:167: Behold! Thy Lord did declare that He would send against them (the Jews), to the Day of Judgment, those who would afflict them with grievous penalty. Thy Lord is quick in retribution, but He is also Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

In ibn Katheer  (full Arabic) interpretation it is said that Mohammad, and his umma (Islamic nation) will afflict the Jews until Judgment Day. Then the muslims will kill the Jews, just before the end of this world, Allah said. [English abridged interpretation here]

The question to every muslim and all the Islamic authorities is: would you accept peace with Israel and make the word of Mohammad and allah obsolete?

When the Islamic authorities of the world give us the answer on this, then we’ll find out what  Arabs and muslims want, and what they consider to be a nakba.

Personally I doubt it, for two reasons. First, the hate embedded in the heart of muslims towards the Jews (and Christians) by Mohammad and his Koran, is stronger than the love of their well-being and the well-being of their children. Golda Meyer said this, and I totally agree with her. Not because she said it, but because I know the muslims mentality, and I don’t doubt she knew it too.

Second, if they make Mohammad’s saying, and the word of Allah  obsolete, that would be the last nail in the coffin of Islam. They know it, and no Islamic authority or Islamic government would commit their own Hara-Kiri. Beside, Islam is the sect of revenge, not of peace and compromise, but to kill and get killed. And don’t forget, these texts were written 1300 years before the creation of the state of Israel.

When you’ll perfectly understand Islam and muslims, you’ll understand that in reality what they consider their biggest nakba, is not their backwardness, destitution, and misery.  They know, all this is of their own making; it’s part of their Islamic DNA system wherever they go.  But the biggest nakba for them is their rage, for failing until now to drag the Western world with them to the abyss.

All their struggle, in other words, their Jihad, is to make their nakba our nakba, Same as they turned every country they dominated into a nakba.

That makes their “nakba” synonymous with Islam, and sharia law, which I assume you understood, once you knew that the translation of nakba is catastrophe.

With all the billions, if not trillions of dollars Arabs spent on wars against Israel, and what Saudi Arabia and the rich Gulf countries spent to finance terror all over the world, building thousands of mosques to subvert Western countries, and the more billions they’re still spending right now as we speak to keep financing the spread of terror in the West and the world (terrorism is not free), they could’ve made a millionaire out of every so-called “palestinian.” But this is not their aim, for if they do this, what other excuse could they have for promoting their jihad, and what other cause would the gangster leaders of the  Arab world use to distract their populations from the real issue, which is their misery and their struggle for a loaf of bread.

It is also thanks to the nakba, that oil prices reached levels that made Gulf oil countries amass the astronomical riches they have today. The least they can do is to share that wealth with their palestinian brethren.

If muslims considers the existence of Israel to be their own nakba, then, starting by me and all the Copts, and the majority of the free world, we consider that the real nakba is the existence of  muslim followers of Muhammad, until they purge their brains, renounce their hateful ideology, Islam, and decide to live in peace with the rest of the world. Then, and only then, will they have no more nakba to celebrate.

From the sons of apes and pigs, [Christians and Jews] we celebrate the advancement, success, strength, and the valuable contributions of Israel to the world. And remember, there will be no peace with people that worship a book they call holy, which calls for the annihilation of Jews, not merely the destruction of Israel, but the murder of all Jews from the face of the earth. That’s the word of their Allah, so they say. Until the death of that Allah, there world will have no peace.

No tears for the “nakba” business, remember, muslims always bite the hand that feeds them, and cut the hand that wipe their tears.

Happy 60th Birthday, and for more progress Israel, keep the caravan going and let the dogs bark.


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