Islamic Slavery

May 24, 2008 at 1:40 pm Leave a comment

Arab history of taking slaves from Northern Africa is shocking, and it is something I only recently learned of. We know about our own history of slavery, and today we think nothing could be worse than slavery, so why don’t most of us know about the Arab slave trade in North Africa? This is something to add to all world history textbooks as soon as possible!
I knew that Islam does not forbid slavery, and I also think that the majority of moslems today must be the descendents of hundreds of millions of slaves who through generations of servitude and indoctrination, became the so-called ‘free’ Moslems of today. In Islam, I think it is considered ‘peaceful’ to have an option of slavery vs. death, because then one can live to yearn for death… 
Isn’t the real reason for genocide in Darfur and Sudan not about geographical conflicts, as much as it is about a collective knowledge that the non-moslem Africans share?—the knowledge of the Arab Slave Trade for the past 1400 years?
Do our Western Leaders know about this, but are keeping quiet so they can continue reaping benefits from the Saudi masters, and what might be included in a bonus-pak of benefits?
Pristine environment, more Polar Bears, Shariah Rewards, first-class trips and free accomodations to Dubailand”, Real Estate in Dubai, excessive wages for nothing, hooka bars, opiates, and the gradual enslavement of themselves and the American people!
And Bush is discussing Nuclear arms deals with the Saudis?
I think many of our high level politicians and financiers have taken bribes from the Saudis for years already…while keeping silent about Arab slave practices.  

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Bush’s Nuclear Deal with Saudi’s So, This is Nakba

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