Bush’s Nuclear Deal with Saudi’s

May 21, 2008 at 11:38 pm Leave a comment

Polar Bear
By Mary Christina Love

President Bush just returned from Saudi Arabia and did not have much to say…

We think he went to beg for more oil and shockingly or not,  was told ‘No’.
Just before his bon voyage, Bush at least announced his desire to open ANWR, but alas; within days, the Polar Bear was added to the endangered species list, further complicating our ability to drill for domestic oil, and Bush headed for Saudi.
Amazing timing, but I cannot leave it alone by merely saying, “Oh.” Bush also went to Saudi Arabia to discuss a Nuclear Deal on ‘civilian nuclear technology’ with Saudi King Abdullah, as part of an effort for the region to:…”better safeguard the kingdom’s vast oil reserves and its pipeline distribution system, as well as borders.” And allowing the Saudi’s to “join the global initiative to combat nuclear terrorism to enhance the protection of nuclear systems and improve its ability to detect and confiscate illegally held nuclear material.”-VOA News, Scott Stearns, May 16, 2008. 
Keep in mind that Saudi Arabians (our friends) are Sunnis, and Ahmadenijad of Iran (our enemy) is Shiite. The two, Sunni, and Shiite, are natural homegrown enemies within Islam and the Middle East. The two will  set aside their differences for a sworn common enemy, such as their religious based foe, and declared common enemy, the Jews.
While Bush was in Saudia Arabia, I heard on AM Radio that we give a very small amount of  foreign-aid money to Africa. I don’t know much about Africa; so I wondered, who is taking care of Africa? After all, we are sacrificing for Polar Bears and the environment, aren’t we? Do President Bush and King Abdullah worry about the African people, I wondered. Have the Saudi’ s assured President Bush that they will take care of the conflicts and starvation in Africa, since it is geographically nearer to them, and they have so much oil money now? Or is it ever mentioned between them?

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Islamic Slavery

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